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Casper Update: March 9, 2008

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Yesterday I meant to say Bernake and friends are delivering more truth faster, not more pabulum, as facts on the ground are racing away from their rhetoric and they have no choice but to acknowledge the obvious. I type, I hit the button. I must be more careful.
Also, Neil Bush was in Paraguay not Uruguay. And it's Greenspans "never pay model" not Green's.
And, I forgot to mention, WE did look into the many rumors of a military coup and/or the purported National Guard call-up to accompany deliveries. Both are false according to our sources in those services. Our sources are not "weekend warrIiors".
The real reason for this Sunday morning writing is to lay before you the thoughts and questions which kept me awake most of the night. I feel as though I have fallen back rather than sprung forward this morning.
Our primary motivation has been "pay me". Pay me now and never mind the deep thinking, just cut the crap and "pay me". After many years we have all come to realize that "paying" us is the tail of the dog, that much bigger and more important things are in play here.
They would have us believe that a few T-$ in gone bad sub-prime loans are turning the world upside down. Hokum. Bunk. Baloney. The numbers are small in the big scheme of things. This is the intentional destruction of the WORLDS existing monetary system. Sub-prime, while true, is the cover story (this is an opinion piece). 
With the FED system gone who/what replaces it? Bad or not this is "our" system getting replaced and all we have known for our entire lifetimes. Whoever/whatever is big enough, strong enough to overturn this system is the future controller of the world, our world, our country.
We better be praying it is a benevolent force as the golden rule will apply, he who has the gold makes the rules. We know so much about "the bad guys", about the current corrupt system.
But what do we know about the "good? guys", the replacement system?
After all these years chasing information what do we actually know?
Can you name them-or "it"? Is it not amazing how little we actually know?
Why am I raising this issue at this late hour? And not sleeping?
Because the "changeover" we have awaited and demanded for so long is upon us and all our hopes and/or our fears of the unknown are manifesting immediately. Will the new be better than the old? Will our friends and neighbors and fellow citizens be able to handle the transition without financial ruin? Without starvation? Will there be bread lines? Is the new benevolent? Is it more or less what we expect? Are we pawns in the hands of powers we can't even identify?
Will the new manage the financial affairs of the planet better than the old?
Is the power behind the new "Western? Or Eastern?"
Is it Communist or some other despised ideology?
Will "it" break America or just U.S. dollar hegemony?
If the U.S. no longer "rules the world" through its military and reserve currency status, who does?
Is it "world government"?
You know I don't believe any of this bad stuff. You have read what "I" think for years.
Nevertheless I am anxious about all of it and realizing how very little I actually KNOW.   
A thousand thoughts running rampant.
Assuming the detention camps are not for us we are/will be, collectively, a force to be reckoned with ourselves.
We will be aligned with the "new" whatever it is, like it or not.
Think on these things as we await announcements clarifying who and what we have become.
                   Casper   3-09-08