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Casper Update: March 8, 2008

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 The meetings which began in Europe early this week were to find a way over or around continued blockage by BUSH.
Early "leaks" said they were going to do "something big" or do an "intervention. As the week wore on, word was they had given until Wednesday for deliveries to happen or the Embargo's would be re-engaged Thursday night.
Then a big blackout was thrown over the meeting/s which continued yesterday.
NATO was meeting in Brussels yesterday, probably unrelated but unsure.
Word was Bush was continuing to block things and Europe didn't have the courage to employ devastating embargo's or more likely they are trying to overcome BUSH in some less expensive way. On Thursday we learned of the arrest of at least five domestic bankers, possibly ten, at CITI, CHASE, and B.A. for unknown reasons, this in addition to the arrest of GERMAN BANKERS this week (nine we think).
Meanwhile for all it's (semi) PUBLIC RELATIONS POSTURING JOHN ROBERTS and the SUPREME'S are owned outright by BUSH. 
Moreover, statements attributed to both McCain and CLINTON say they will also block everything. Then there is the matter of recent dealings between BUSH and QUEEN BEATRICE, deals of unknown magnitude and importance but against us (the world).
Also, NEIL BUSH meets with the President of URUGUAY in the company of the REV. SUN Moon's organization. Relevance unknown.
Meanwhile, the mad as hornets "Country Financial Representatives", 160 or 167 started arriving back in New York Thursday night, a most wonderful development.
The all important FREEDOM PACKS, having been in and out and in and out of the court several times recently are at this time-"OUT"-We Hear.
Mention of "the New world-Wide Global Banking System" slipped out on CNBC Thursday and WE encourage everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for more of this especially on international and financial channels. Please report observations to
Story's update of March 3,'08, items one through thirty eight contains a wealth of current and relevant information. The subsequent posting by Whistleblower and Story's response to him makes for interesting reading but as we have said so many times is basically none of our business.
Remember our "pipeline" analogy? We are all in it together albeit unrelated and when they turn the faucet on all will come out together.
Our domestic business, beginning with the Farm Claim (now Bank Claim) lawsuits from the mid-seventies precedes Wanta's dealings with Russia by a decade much less the arrival of STORY a decade after that. Neither do we agree with Story's "WANTA Saves Us" interpretations or his firm belief that his QUEEN is an aggrieved party or a victim in all this.
She partnered with SENIOR and GREENSPAN to "kill" us for two or three years then knighted GREENSPAN in her castle in Scotland for his successful efforts.
Most of this happened before STORY came on the scene and it was apparent from the git-go that his foundational knowledge was lacking. Also, while WANTA may be the largest of the "secondary" programs it is pocket change compared to the "primaries" and we have never been dependent upon his outcome.
All programs are important. If there is/was a scenario in which one program is/was dependent upon another it is every programs dependence upon that Johnny Come Lately known as FREEDOM. Why? Because a bribed HIGGINS controlled WORLD COURT ruled it to be so for the nefarious purpose of controlling all deliveries by controlling this very small number of packages. And who was giving HIGGINS her marching orders?? None other than Q who had put her in that position years earlier. Also, and finally, GREEN "Never Pay Model" which STORY perceives as a world shaking discovery and disclosure was just one in a very long list of stalling tactics which we had been dealing with for years and continue to deal with even now. No one has shown more tenacity and stamina than STORY, or been more prolific, or more relevant, and in this reporters opinion the world owes him a debt of gratitude for his tremendous work product not to mention WANTA'S Freedom. As we often say, we don't know everything. And neither does STORY.
The financial collapse is accelerating and BERNAKE/PAULSON etc. find themselves so far behind the unfolding truth they are beginning to feed the public by the quart rather than the usual cup of pabulum. They have no choice as facts are overwhelming them daily. Sources say 200B$ to save CITI.      That's SURVIVAL  --NOT Compliance.    
One point three "T" and counting to save the banks generally. Counting, because assets (ha) are still marked to model as there is no market to mark to. The Banks, the FED RES, the financial institutions generally are criminals, having gutted the country for the sake of personal and corporate greed, having pocketed trillions from their "securitization" games they (FED RES) will now continue with the bailout of their criminal constituents (banks) by providing unlimited highly inflationary funny money (credits) to the banks after which they will discard the pretense's and resort to the final con job, a direct bailout by the govt., i.e. taxpayers. The crisis is so much greater than the talking heads would lead you to believe. Extreme leverage (now working just as effectively in reverse) was taught by the crooks at the top of the financial pyramid and the lessons well learned down through every level.
Farmers, for example, will be faced with bankruptcy because paper was stacked upon paper driving up prices of cotton, wheat, etc. and the leveraged buyers are going bankrupt now having added exorbitant financial fees to crops at sixty even seventy percent higher than historical values leaving themselves bankrupt and the farmer without buyers for next years crops. Unable to pay for fuel and inflated seed cost and with no buyers they will face foreclosure with the banks once again raping robbing and pillaging.  Now wheat from America's breadbasket, grown on land bought up by the pharmaceuticals is being shipped down the big river to New Orleans enroute to China. And while they destroy American farmers small Mexican farmers by the hundreds of thousands are made to starve, literally starve, as the multi-nationals enforce international trade agreements with pre ordained consequences. If this is not the intentional destruction of America then someone please stand up and explain what else it could be. Are the POLITICIANS really this STUPID or are they participants in the illimitable myriad of simultaneous con jobs underway in America today. Fascism, dictatorship, police state, criminalized government, black op's, govt/bank partnership, media cover up, unregulated financial scamming operations, the list is endless.
Our hope, our country's salvation, lies in the return to the rule of law (constitution), the permanent destruction of a wholly corrupt monetary system via Basel regulated Global Banking and exposure-EXPOSURE-of all of it-from 9-11 to rigged elections, from assassinations to the "ranch", from Govt. sponsored drug running to the UFO cover up, from media bribes/ corruption to the flushing of that toilet known as Washington D.C. and don't forget the fumigating of the oval office. Can you believe that an arch-criminal such as Hillary may be our next President? There is truly no limit to the ignorance of the American people. Busy earning a living? Media led us astray? Then our excuses result in us getting the Govt. we truly deserve.
Assuming we are not "out of the frying pan into the fire", that is to say we are not trading a totally corrupt domestic financial system for the long planned NEW WORLD ORDER ILLUMINATI CONTROLLED CASHLESS SOCIETY-and that is a questionable assumption-then hope looms large.
Slow in coming, emotionally traumatizing as it has been it will-we hope-have been worth it if we GET OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE CRIMINALS.
WE expect deliveries by Tuesday-- but be aware BUSH continues with every conceivable trick and threat.
     casper    3-08-08