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Casper Update: March 2, 2008

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We have been alluding recently to the difficulties presented by the continuous flow of disinformation.
A profound example has occurred this weekend with newspaper reports that DOTSON has been in jail in St. Louis for several weeks not in China under guard as we and many others were told.
If you recall, we had news six weeks ago that he was in danger because his funds had not been dispersed to individual participants which was seemingly beyond his ability to do so.
This is another example of what "they" can do and have often done to many over the years. We have no info as to what this means to participants. We know of no relationship between this and our programs except the observation that this is what "they" did to CH & MK.
Once again deliveries seemed certain for Friday and/or Saturday and once again our hopes were dashed.
On Feb. 5th a 30 day extension was given we hear for what we were told was "step two" of the disbursements, the IF&P and Onshore funds.  
This was not supposed to affect the first delivery of what we call "the expense package" plus Freedom and F.C.. There is some speculation this weekend that they decided to put it all together on the 5th perhaps to get political Tuesday out of the way before announcements occur. 
WE have no logical explanation for lack of deliveries after the reasonable excuse of BUSH's/COURTS which occurred Wednesday. We are trying to get to the bottom of things and are hesitant to do more speculating until we do. 
               casper  3-2-08