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Casper Update: Feb. 27, 2008

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House keeping first: A p.s. added to the previous update says we "have heard from Criss Story". As previously stated we have never spoken with or communicated with STORY and we certainly have not "heard from Criss Story". Once again someone is taking liberties with our writings.
WE view it as disappointing that STORY's info the last several weeks has been off point and unhelpful to our efforts from this side of the pond. WE assume he has his reasons (orders?) and are just thankful he is still with us.
As all of you are aware all sources everywhere said deliveries would occur today. This was one of those "guaranteed" type days with no dissenting voices anywhere on the planet. As we collectively review info/intell from our efforts over the last several days we are questioning again whether or not "they" have the ability to fool all the people all the time. The "clipping" of our lines of communication continues unabated as we lose sources to all manner of threats from "them". Still, we have dozens of sources in dozens of places all of which had the same info as us-delivery today without fail.
We are hearing the big three (CITI, B.A., CHASE) are not in compliance from some sources, are in compliance from others and it does not matter from still more. We are hearing that wave after wave of disinformation is originating with CHENEY although carried out by the ABC BOYS and Treasury disinfo teams. We are hearing that BUSH has told the big three they don't have to comply and that this matter was the "SECRET" stuff going on in the SUPREME COURT two Saturdays ago. From different sources we hear the 29 Treasury Banks each with 22 "satellite" banks (likely office bldg locations) are not part of the FED RES system and they and we don't care who complies or does not-that's their problem not ours. Other sources say it does matter and that the IMF and WORLD BANK have stepped into the breach to overcome this BUSH/CHENEY/SUPREME COURT delay mechanism. WE can't testify which part of this is accurate if any. The change from fiat currency and fractional banking in the U.S. to a metals reserve standard changes banking and business as usual, including FED RES (U.S.) dollar hegemony worldwide, is controlled from elsewhere in the world and removes the dollar as the ONLY reserve currency worldwide and is the ultimate power struggle between the power centers/players of this planet. All these things were supposedly long since settled, embargo's avoided at the last minute, agreements signed, deliveries imminent, etc. etc.etc..  Meanwhile the CORPORATE CONGRESS is back in session, the CORPORATE CANDIDATES are still running, the Pres speaks to the Governor's dinner and the VEEP travels about in Airforce 2 making speeches and attending fundraisers using massive cargo planes to haul his vehicles and his entourage. We see all this "Business as Usual" along with the ongoing massive debasement of the dollar which will result in the "bleeding" of the populace for the sake of saving the corrupt financial institutions and we wonder what in the world is going on here??. Through the comical "auction" process (allowing banks to receive unlimited out of thin air highly inflationary funny money from the FED REES without having to identify themselves) they (the FED) has pumped 160 BILLION into the banks since December. This on top of all the other ridiculous "save the bankrupt banks" games you read about every day. PRESERVATION OF THE STATUS QUO is the daily reality. The force ma'jeure compliance of metals backed/Basel II regulated/ Global Banking is not in evidence in this country-yet. And that, of course, is what the announcements are partly about. When "guaranteed" deliveries do not occur, guaranteed by every source we have, we are forced to observe that the "facts on the ground" are not in keeping with the "settled outcome" scenario we have all been fed over the most recent several days. 
Yes there are reports deliveries will be tomorrow and reports it will be Friday but we can't accept this at face value, not after today's outcome. 
Whatever is truly going on behind the scenes "our side", if there be such a thing, is now equally responsible for the horror being inflicted upon hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians most of whom are now elderly and in ill health due the unrelenting stress caused as much by the lack of truth from "our side" as from "their side". What excuse can there possibly be for this conduct when a letter to the recipients relating the truth would have relieved the pressure and saved so many lives?
The FED REES wire transfer system was down again today. 33,000 wire transfers backed up and undelivered. Phones not being answered except by answering machine. Relationship to us unknown.
As stated yesterday we do have a great deal of "peripheral" news supporting our desired outcome of immediate delivery. Specific bits and pieces of current events from many places but not appropriate to discuss here.
We don't know what happened today. Will advise when we do unless deliveries occur first.
               casper   2-27-08