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Casper Update: February. 26, 2008

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Apologies to anyone offended by my analogy using eagles to make a point.
Of course the eagle is a magnificent bird and appropriate symbol for our great country.
The subject of that rant was the UNITED STATES, the CORPORATE entity constructed by the bad guys to overthrow the Republic of the United States of America and which is the "container" or the "shelter" providing cover for all the unconstitutional acts of the bad guys.
This is what BUSH SENIOR was referring to when he said "if the American people ever find out what we have done they will hang us from the lamp post". Mr. Bellringer at has posted and organized into a single location the recent writings of "S" which explains this as succinctly as possible and should be required reading for every American desiring to "take their country back" from the criminals. Please do yourselves the greatest favor by reading these writings.
We continue to hear tier's 3, 4 and 5 by Wed. night beginning today.
Have not heard what has become of STORY. If anyone can attest to his safety please post to Fourwinds.
Current news says "they" cannot order you to bank as instructed.
Anyone desiring to go offshore should simply say so upon arrival at the bank and they must allow that.
There are many versions of "what's at the door".
WE expect full packages rather than temporary this or that.
There is a great deal of Intel all in our favor best left unsaid here.
If not delivered by Wed. night will update again otherwise this should be sayonara (heartfelt farewell).
The time has come for a new group of "messengers" to step forward perhaps by posting on Fourwinds, offering recipients the opportunity to invest in your humanitarian plans to help others.
Very best wish's everyone.