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Casper Update: Feb. 23, 2008

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The incredibly cruel and sub-human creatures in charge of mis/dis info have been hard at work lately. A decade of teasing and torturing the innocent must be capped by one last go-round of laughter for them.
The "controllers" say do it, ---the employee's do it or pick up their pink slips.
What would you do?
The eagle is the symbol of the UNITED STATES. The eagle is a predator. The UNITED STATES is a predator. The men who rule this nation are predators. Eagles feed on fish. When the eagle swoops down upon the lake the fish has no chance. We are the fish. The cannon fodder. Sport for those unsatisfied with a decade of unnecessary and gratuitous torture of their fellow man.
I have a message for those who give these orders: your day is coming.
Messengers (several) reporting Thur., Friday and Saturday were again snookered intentionally by those whose job it is to do so. Blame them (us) not. The secrecy and deceit are greater now than ever before. Nothing coming out of that sewer known as D.C. can be trusted.  Because of this we are quoting our multiple European sources when we say we are hearing Monday through Wednesday of next week. We THINK/GUESS what is going on is that "they" have determined that half or more of the recipients intended to receive and skedaddle. To annul this outcome it appears they have decided to establish our accounts for us rather than expecting us to willingly deposit the large checks and open domestic accounts. By opening our accounts before we arrive the decision where to bank has been made for us ignorant sheep.
We must have the announcements to rid ourselves of these DRS's (dirty rotten scoundrels). There has been the blackest of blackouts on this and related subjects such as arrest, embargo's, Basel II compliance, courtroom outcomes, suitcases, etc..
We believe this to be the calm before the storm.
Remember, nothing is spontaneous up there. All is orchestrated.
In Russia Americans with Russian bank accounts and bank cards have been unable to use their cards or access their accounts. The domestic news blackout does not mean nothing is going on.
And so friends, let us hold ourselves together for what should be one last weekend of subterfuge and shenanigans and make ready to spit in their eye.
              casper   2-23-08