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Casper Update: Feb. 20, 2008

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Turns out it was the original original F.C. Plaintiff's from the mid-seventies who got access yesterday not the "original" Plaintiff's from the early 90's we are more familiar with.  So the original information was correct just misunderstood by us.
Word today is that the rats are jumping ship so fast and in such quantity the "note takers" can hardly keep up. Again hearing the Cabinet Secretaries arrested and that it will be announced along with massive exposure of bad guy operations. In France the "paymaster" (above the Frenchman) got threatened then bribed, has been fired and replaced, put into witness protection program and now singing his little heart out. Things may seem calm on the surface but behind the scenes all is chaos.
Because Dotson's money was all in a pile and upon his death could be stolen, and after several death threats, he has been protected in China for the last five weeks.
 These are dangerous times and "they" are the most dangerous people on the planet. WE have tried to convey this message before as we are aware of many deaths at their hands in years gone by.
We are hearing tomorrow from most all our important sources and we do know of certain packages "on the move" seemingly supporting this conclusion.
We must all recognize that even in these last moments the bad guys are doing every conceivable thing to stop deliveries and the announcements which follow and the arrest and exposure which follows that.
                Casper   2-20-08