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Casper Update: Feb. 19, 2008

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We hear the Comptroller of the Currency completed important downloads Sunday night into New Treasury and that the Frenchman, Wanta and eleven or twelve others were made happy on the computers last night. We hear that the original Farm Claim Plaintiffs and Heirs (approx. 30 people) received and were able to access their cards this morning. Many sources received this info at approximately the same time this morning. This was to result in deliveries this afternoon of Freedom and F.C. at a minimum to the rest of us. All this following the weekend news about atty's, cabinet secretaries and confiscation of additional accounts.
We know for certain the F.C. Plaintiffs and heirs did not recieve today. We know of many BUSH accounts which have not been frozen or confiscated. We can find no tangible evidence the Cabinet Secretaries have been arrested. In view of these lies we are questioning all Intel back to and including the goings on behind closed doors at the Supreme Court Saturday and Saturday night.
We observe that this massive disinformation campaign would not be possible if "our side" was not in on it. We observe the ongoing TORTURE of hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens at the hands of the most EVIL BUNCH OF ANIMALS we have ever encountered. And we observe daily the hospitalization and DEATH of an ever increasing number of our people caused by the stress of dealing with this never ending flow of lies.
In this life or the next may every single one of you receive the justice you so richly deserve.  
THEY are saying tomorrow. THEY are saying everything scheduled for today will happen tomorrow.
We shall see.
                 Casper    2-19-08