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Casper Update: Feb. 17, 2008

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Well friends, the news just gets better and better from  many different directions. The "clamp down" is still present but some "in the know" sources are saying "to hell with em, here's what's happening". The reason for this is that the "rats in the sack" as STORY would say are so busy trying to save their ass's and get off the sinking ship they have no time to bother with us encouraging some to speak who have been silent. As always "we don't know everything", but to summarize in a general way;
The bad guys are deserting the ship, ie: BUSH.
The stolen but recovered funds will not delay deliveries any longer. The attorneys were instrumental locating accounts and providing codes. We hear BUSH and his cabinet secretaries will have to go. That announcements will occur promptly after deliveries.
The three "suitcases" will be opened publicly starting overseas and that the contents are shocking. That we will be in the banks this week. That three debit cards accompany the instructions to our door. That there is a whirlwind or beehive of activity behind the scenes.
Everything we hear is in our favor and is manifesting "as we speak". Delve may be tomorrow, it may be Tuesday, but they are coming right away in any event.
Time to get our minds in gear and our thinking caps on.
                 Casper   2-17-08