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Casper Update: Feb. 16, 2008

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This morning the packages were back in the court and we soon learned secret meetings were underway at the court.
Also this morning, very briefly, the yahoo web page had a news flash "BUSH cabinet arrested".
The Intel saying "this weekend by military" was thus learned to be dis-info distributed intentionally and intensely here and abroad.
BY mid-day we had learned that attorneys for the 15 cabinet secretaries had been fired en masse by BUSH.
Late in the day we learned the court was highly distressed --that we knew what was going on in the room but more importantly we learned that everything going on there was/is in our favor.
Turns out T's in additional funds stolen from us and WANTA had been located, they tried to saddle the attorneys with responsibility, they said no, got fired then helped the court, or forced the court, to identify and retrieve these many accounts of stolen funds.
We hear BUSH will be required to resign or more accurately his signed resignation will be "accepted" and the cabinet will be arrested as they were in on all of it.
We hear this outcome may have been forced upon the court by the attorneys which if true demonstrates the need for additional rope in D.C. and experienced  "knot tie-ers."
YAHOO  yahoo.
WE are quite sure of this info but as you can see we sometimes fall for the B.S. too.
Deliveries now "soon as possible", possibly tomorrow.    
                 casper   2-16-08   p.m