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Casper Update: Feb. 14, 2008

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The packages were "pulled back" again last night precluding deliveries today.
The embargo's had been relaxed because agreements with BUSH had been signed for deliveries, Basel II, aspects of the 14th Amendment (sealed attachments  relating to Farm Claims) and Bush's RESIGNATION.
After OPEC was advised that the packs were back in the Court this morning OPEC sources stated that the embargo's would be re-engaged at noon today.
Meanwhile it was learned that the Supreme Court had ordered the packs back due to "filings" with the court claiming BUSH was incompetent or mentally impaired at the time of his signing a couple nights ago ( 6:01 p.m. if you recall after the sanctions had been imposed at 6 p.m.) and that he would need 30 days to pull himself together. A deal was made within the court this afternoon (five sources) resulting in deliveries tomorrow, and we hear, BUSH's resignation as planned. Other details unclear at this writing.
There is so much crap flying hour by hour we can hardly keep up. Separating truth from lie is even more difficult so there are several items we are not reporting right now.
The ongoing financial crisis in the U.S. is far more severe than the public has been led to believe and this coupled with the worlds reaction to BUSH/CLINTON  never ending scamming and corruption presents a down right frightening scenario for the American people. It may come to pass that we must witness the death and destruction of the swamp creature by a thousand cuts but should it come to this just remember, the "world" is not after the American people. Only the overthrow of world corruption which is led by BUSH/CLINTON and their Illuminati handlers.  If, as we are currently hearing, both BUSH and the Court have now signed off on deliveries tomorrow it indicates peaceful surrender rather than economic warfare which would hurt regular folks the most. 
Read STORY'S afternoon update at ,,,,no sense repeating all that here. 
160 reps did not leave, Trustees finished their work. 
Our best efforts analysis is that these last minute twist and turns are the death throes of the beast, that deliveries will be tomorrow with announcements tomorrow night.
               casper   2-14-08