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Casper Update #3: February 12, 2008

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The SANCTIONS (oil, airlines and banking),  which were scheduled for noon tomorrow if BUSH interfered, were instead imposed at 6 p.m. EST tonight as a result of BUSH pulling the packages back again.
Of course this would devastate the CORPORATION in less than a week, perhaps three days. We hear it took BUSH awhile to make up his mind what to do being the idiot he is, but by 6:01 p.m. he had said "uncle" or "okey- doke" or "whatever", and the packages were to go back out this evening for delivery tomorrow.
No sanctions relief till delv made.
This is a good time to sing  "Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is dead"----or---we might now reflect upon the question, did BUSH do this, all this, for purposes of greed, power, control, empire,---Or is there something else in play such as " Once Great Nation, Now Greatest Debtor Nation, Succumbs to Demands of Creditor's Ending Life as We Know It".
Think on this friends as we collectively and i personally chastise our leaders and celebrate this apparent "victory".
I do not know the answer to the above so i take my que from ----and suggest you take your que from the reports saying that all the other nations are joining with OPEC in the embargo of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES even though they have no oil to export.
In the eyes of the world and in OUR eyes GW is apparently the TURD he appears to be.
WE hear he told the Supreme Court to "go to hell" if there is any credibility left in Intell originating in D.C.. 
WE expect the outcome of today's activities to result in deliveries Wed. & Thurs. with announcements thrown in there somewhere. 
How close we came. We are observing history in the making.  
It's like the Cuban missile crisis only we are the goat, er swamp creature.
Before world war two the allies cut off oil supplies to Japan leaving them no choice but to enter the war with Germany.
These sanctions, this trade/economic war would have led to physical war just as surely. And while BUSH rested in the "residence", scotch in hand while his chef prepared the roast duck-- citizens would have starved such would have been the consequences of these sanctions upon we the people.
Let us hope the good guys get rid of the bad guys quickly and thoroughly, that deliveries are tomorrow as projected, and that the general public, with the help of the announcements, awakens to their responsibilities as citizens of a REPUBLIC.    
         good night,          casper  2-12-08  #3