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Casper Update: Feb. 11, 2008

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Read the STORY update dated 6:18 today---p.m. his time ???????  URGENT!!!!
* G.W. has grounded U.S. aircraft carrying D.C. politicians, Sup. Ct. Justices, Cabinet officials, etc. due to arrest warrants for all of them.
* Of the 56 MOBSTERS arrested from Sicily to New York last week 54 made it to the jailhouse, are there now and are "singing" like birds to save their behinds. So far they have implicated the BUSH'S, both CLINTON'S, McCAIN AND AND AND OBAMA in the use of their "services", especially those provided to the BUSH'S.
* In keeping with STORY'S report, BUSH has been given 24 hours to comply fully or all hell breaks loose. 
* OR???? Or more drastic actions than those so far reported and now being implemented. 
* D.C. packs in S.C. vault this morning will move out this afternoon-or else. 
* Rumors of G.W.'s resignation by Friday are originating in CHENEY'S office.
* Four attempted trades blocked over the weekend. 
This is a time for prayer for our Constitution and our Republic. And, perhaps, for our Military that they might remember the millions of men and women who gave their lives for this country, that they might find the courage and the honor to do their duty. We are a nation run by criminals for criminals.
            casper      2-11-08