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Casper Update: Feb. 10, 2008

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When WE speak of the IMF packages in this country which have been in and out of the court we are referring to the 112 FED RES programs which were placed under the IMF funding umbrella some months ago. 
These packages, along with Freedom and F.C. packages, are in "CONTAINER'S" best not described here which were long ago organized by area and city so that they do not have to go back thru the carriers hubs when enroute to us. They are physically well taken care of.
So many said deliveries today, Sunday.
Once again no Freedom pks.-- no other pks.. These packs, having left the court again, were back in the court Saturday night and still there Sunday.
For a detailed explanation of the why and wherefore of this read STORY'S Sunday update as there is no sense repeating ten pages of behind the scenes activities a second time.
Isn't it amazing, with all this information posted publicly on fourwinds some messengers still can't keep up---or catch up?
The situation remains intense with news late today from Europe the "embargo's" are to proceed against BUSH and his CORPORATION due his continuing interference. Also arrest warrants. STORY'S update explains this intensity and should be read by everyone desiring to understand the seriousness of the situation..
There is no doubt that all we are expecting is about to occur the evidence of that being so overwhelming. Short of another 9-11 type event it can happen at any time, even tomorrow.
It only takes six hours to move the D.C. packs into place if in fact they must come first. Overcoming BUSH is a given and may well have occurred today. For those unable to grasp the larger picture the announcements will surely be a bucket of ice water in the face.
When you receive, lay low. Consider changing your phone number to unlisted.
Check into a five star.
Go on vacation.
to Europe if that's what you wish to do. 
Be cool, be calm, take care of your business and watch unfolding events.
Be happy-don't worry.
             casper    2-10-08    p.m. 
p.s. just got word, packs out of the court again this afternoon - Sunday.