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Casper Update: Feb. 9, 2008

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The packages which were reported to have left the court at 7:45 p.m. Thursday night were moved to a different location within the court and did not go out as we reported.  Bush had signed off however, which allowed the FRENCHMAN ( gay relative of Bush's-major European Trustee and Leinholder) to do his thing in Europe (Paris we think) overnight Thursday as reported. This caused "THE WHIP" as it is known to move on to the Orient (China) we think for further electronic releases there which were done, however when the signal (clearance) was sent from there back to the U.S. to begin deliveries as scheduled Friday afternoon the undersea cable had mysteriously been cut, the fifth or seventh or ninth such undersea cable cut in the last ten days (see These are acts of war against Muslim countries including our "friends" such as Egypt and Qatar and Kuwait. Cables also cut southern Europe to India and now from China. The "powers that be" called BUSH and demanded delivery today "or else". BUSH says "no can do, cable cut". WE say, "oh really, how do you know the cable was cut, we have not announced it".  Once again Mr. exceptionally stupid had exposed himself. All "threats" were repeated and packs went out late Friday for delivery today we are told pending no further blockage. For more detailed explanation see this mornings update by STORY also posted on  No, WE are not in cahoots with STORY, have never spoken with or communicated with him in any way including through third parties.
"DELIVERIES", as some messengers refer to them, have been going on for years but it is not "us" and does not trigger us. They began years ago from LOS ANGELES area B.ofA. Banks as they gave packages to what became known as the "MULE TRAIN" participants. Their job was to take the freshly received packages representing STOLEN funds to the MORMON CHURCH in UTAH. Orders came from BUSH SR. and ORIN HATCH we were told at the time. Simultaneously, the same L.A. Banks were busy opening offshore accounts for Senators and Congressmen who were being bribed with 200M each. Most of these accounts were opened in CANADA. Later, additional miscellaneous deliveries were made, sometimes as directed by CLINTON as President and still later a steady but limited number of deliveries to people who could not and have not accessed such as retired bankers and gov't. officials. More recently (last six months) there has been a steady but limited flow of deliveries of what became known as the "O" packages which cannot be accessed before we receive, do not trigger announcements, and do not trigger "our" deliveries. These are the deliveries you occasionally hear about. We stopped paying much attention to them months ago when it became obvious they are of no help to us. WE are in touch with certain drivers for both major carriers who keep us informed as to the deliveries of these "O" packages in their areas. These delv. mean nothing to us. We-you and me-are awaiting "THE BIG DROP" as we call it which BUSH has fought tooth and nail as that's what triggers worldwide release of hundreds of programs and thousands of "projects" and also triggers announcements. Sabotage and delay. Lies and deceit. Steal and hide. Scatter accounts. Damage computers. Scramble codes. Cut cables. And more. Much more with the intent to delay, stop, kill and PRESERVE WORLD CONTROL for the ILLUMINATI (Globalist, new wld order, CFR, Carlyle, Trilateralist, Bildebergers, Vatican,etc,) which currently control and rule the world with an iron fist. "to the last breath". "over my dead body". "to the last man". No where on earth is corruption greater than in the ten square mile FEDERAL FORT known as WASHINGTON D.C. unless perhaps, some would argue-the Vatican. 
BUSH never had what we call the "expense packages" which were prepared to provide a limited amount of funds and to provide phone numbers for bank appointments, yet the packages never arrive week after week, confirming, in this reporters opinion, the Intel which says Freedom packages first or simultaneous and therefore BUSH could control everything by controlling those relatively small number of packages. Current news is that those packages are finally in the hands of the carriers along with F.C. packages for delivery this weekend or the carriers will be closed down internationally in addition to the threats against BUSH and the wholly corrupt CORP.UNITED STATES (swamp creature). D.C. politicians work for the swamp creature. They have been bribed and blackmailed. The CORP. owned and controlled media participate, take bribes themselves (2 B to CNN we hear), bury outsiders like Ron Paul and generally cooperate in keeping the public "dumbed down". "THE NEWS IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS" says Fox News. 
Delivery and access are not the same thing anymore than "funding" on the computer and "economic receipt" are the same thing. Basically the whole world, all programs, all Trustee's, all countries, and we too, have been "funded" the first increment on the computers. This is virtual reality not real reality. Our card activations or opening of accounts with access to funds is the next step and is economic receipt. Meanwhile flow of tax funds such as FRANCE'S tax payments to FRENCH TREASURY this week and payments to countries can't be accessed until we receive either. The "WHIP" clears things, makes ready, signals go, but OUR DELIVERIES IN THE U.S. are the only thing that will give the world actual access--- thank goodness. Otherwise we would have been road kill long ago. 
It is approaching noon and deliveries have not begun. We are working on the why-why not??-of it and will report again soon if necessary. 
          casper   2-09-08