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Casper Update: Feb. 7, 2008

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Many sources believe the "expense packages" can and will be delivered without regard to Bush's never ending tug-o-war with the Freedom, Farm Claim and IMF packages which have been in and out of the Supreme Court three times since our last report.
Other sources insist those packages are the key to everything as Freedom is the "trigger" for IMF worldwide and Farm Claims are the "trigger" for announcements.
Bush continues to release the D.C. packs due to various threats only to reverse himself and have them pulled back overnight. Again and again. WE can't explain here how we know this but we are certain of our intell.
International "THREATS" are in play right now and some actions have been taken with more in the pipeline. WE have been asked not to be specific in this venue.
Positive developments abound such as the addition of still more treasury banks, money movements, tax payments into (new) treasury which can't be accessed until we recieve, more "scattered" funds retrieved, downloads for programs which follow us and miscellaneous other items we know about but can't talk about "publicly". Even so it is obvious the "swamp creature" lives and has not stopped the interference.
As always it is BUSH/CLINTON/CORP.UNITED STATES and related gangsters against the world. It is our lot in life to watch while they "duke it out" which is ongoing as we "speak".
As to the handfull of deliveries which continue to occur, that is true but it is to those who can't access, has been going on for a year or more and does not "trigger" our deliveries.
Much is happening right now so WE will update soon with more detail.
              casper   2-07-08