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Casper Update: February 2, 2008

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Well friends, it's not here so I'm not gone.
After the news about dealing with the carriers in a legal way and the "key to everything" Freedom packs out of the court, we then learned that tremendous sums of money previously stolen with the help of Paulson's Treasury were being moved back into the U.S. Thursday night. Always some "step" we didn't know about. In addition, vast sums were moving bank to bank all over the world during the day Friday, apparently "freed up" by worldwide Basel II compliance at 12:01 A.M. Friday morning. The big German bank plus three others reportedly experienced a "spot closing", a term we have heard many times, as they prepared internally for the changeover. 
Meanwhile, Trustees everywhere previously "funded" on the computers are now awaiting "access" which is to arrive when our deliveries are underway.
It is possible the "expense packages" will arrive this weekend but some important sources are convinced it will be Monday for Freedom/Farm Claimants, Tuesday for most programs.
We continue to hear "Follow the Instructions" and yet some "advisors" who have not even seen the instructions continue to advise you otherwise. It seems to this reporter that some folks "self interest" has become blatantly visible. 
Long ago a gov't official said "all major announcements occur on Monday nights". So perhaps it will be the "trigger" packs Monday, announcements Monday night, the rest Tuesday.
Have a good weekend friends. Go select your new wheels. Get outta the house. Have some fun.
                   casper   2-2-08
p.s. Certain "list managers" have taken to editing these reports according to their personal whims, the same ones who previously withheld them entirely. To them i say if you wish to "censor" news to your list--it's your list--but the least you can do is keep your hands off someone else's communications.