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Casper Update: Jan. 29, 2008

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On behalf of all of us "S", THANK YOU.
Our most Sincere Thank You!
The material you have presented and the knowledge you have shared has been priceless.
You and FOURWINDS are a formidable force and hopefully Mr. Bellringer will be able to coax you out of retirement often.
I have already printed out everything you posted not for posterity but for my children and grandchildren.
To the BELLRINGER'S, Patrick and Anne, and FOURWINDS, THANK YOU.
Where would "we" be without you?
You have made all this communication possible and with your recent listing of Articles/Documents from "S" provided a historical record for this and future generations of Patriots.
Without your collaboration the vital information provided could not have been given to such a wide and diverse audience so quickly. Whether the swamp creature is overcome with announcements this week or at a future time by a future generation these are the materials which will have made it possible.   
Friends, this was to be CASPER's last message also but for different reasons.
I/WE were expecting deliveries  today and we presume a non-disc. which would cause us to sign off. 
Already however, (9a.m.) word is pouring in from multiple sources deliveries will not be today after all but, they say, are expected tomorrow.
Problems with BUSH continue.
Carriers receiving executive orders or presidential directives not to pick up packs or not to deliver packs must comply and they do and they have. This is being dealt with.
This ongoing interference confirms "S's" opinion that the swamp creature (UNITED STATES) is not dead, but we (our Intel group) believe he is mortally wounded and that we will not be directed into unsafe places. 
We believe the rebirth of sovereign Treasury and the Constitution is at hand along with a new Global Banking System with new and airtight banking rules and regulations.
We believe the Constitutional announcements will come first preceding even the banking announcements.  
We believe in the demise of the FED RES and the unconstitutional income tax. We believe in the debt forgiveness scenario and metals backed banking and currency here, there and everywhere.
We believe in International Passports, Drivers Licenses and Diplomatic Immunity.
We believe in the exposure of the blackhats. We hope this is not our (my) naiveté speaking but recognize that possibility. 
In any event you have laid before you the several opinions of messengers who have tried to be of service. If events do not unfold as described above, which is only this messengers OPINION, then the writings of "S" take on "biblical" importance and we will remain, as he has so eloquently described, little more than eggs in the nest of the swamp creature. Then what? Then we deal with that reality.
This reporter has been a student of the work of "S" for more than a quarter century. He is likely the most knowledgeable man in America on these and several related subjects. If he says the sun rises in the west tomorrow I would be slow to deny it. 
A new world is rising or it is not.
The announcements or lack thereof will determine the answer.  
Watch and listen. Be alert. Use your brain and powers of discernment.
Remember and do good, do good, do great.
              casper   1-29-08