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Casper Update: Jan. 27, 2008

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There exists ---> BASEL III.
If anyone can obtain the documents please forward to so that "S" might comment on same.
In DAVOS, we hear, all nations signed off on metals backed currency EXCEPT THE UNITED STATES. This was simultaneous with (per STORY update) the 160 nations representatives being "sworn in" in Connecticut. What is the meaning of this dichotomy?
The UNITED STATES and it's EVIL TWIN SISTER the FED RES refuse metals monetary system.
Who cares?
Into the toilet with you thieves and serial killers.
Beginning with his original post to Fourwinds on Jan. 12th and culminating with yesterdays analysis, his eleventh in two weeks and perhaps his most important yet, "S" has given all of us a desperately needed cram course in the realities of our situation.
His/Her writings are CRITICAL and URGENT reading for any recipient who desires to understand the true nature of our situation.
Information leads to Knowledge leads to Understanding leads to Wisdom.
Here it is all laid out for us in black and white, tens of thousands of hours over decades of investigation and research available to each of us in these last critical hours.
All we have to do to be "knowledgeable" is to read these eleven writings.
Our Intel, offered here many times has always been, and still is, that WANTA has been paid but cannot access until our deliveries are underway. STORY is technically correct, he can't go to Starbucks without access.
And yet, if our Intel is correct, our deliveries, his access, his taxes into Treasury along with ours will happen more or less simultaneously.
For this reason we hope and pray-and expect-that "S's" "what if" scenario is waving at windmills. We expect constitutional announcements which IS the demise of the UNITED STATES with all taxes paid into the peoples not Paulson's Treasury.
The outcome is not definitive. This is opinion but it is based upon two decades of historical memory of items and events which lead to this conclusion.
By way of example, the IRS has tried for years AND FAILED to lay hands on the escrowed tax receipts. 
The DAVOS information from more than one source, and "S's" writings give us pause and demand intense scrutiny up to and through deliveries and bank appointments.
That's why it's so important each recipient read and try to understand what has been offered. If WE are wrong and others are right the knowledge offered by "S" may be our only defense.
"S", if jurisdiction follows the person of what value is a trip offshore??
Lets see if a deal got made allowing BUSH to somehow take credit for what he and CLINTON have blocked for 15 years.
Lets see if the other countries boycott U.S. Banks international transactions as threatened as a result of DAVOS.
Lets see if OUR announcements occur.
Lets find out what BASEL III is all about.  
Investigation of all these matters continue behind the scenes, not only by those you are familiar with but also by some very smart people over here and over there.
Deliveries were reported yesterday. We view this as a continuation of deliveries to those who can not access in front of us, a procedure underway for months.
We expect announcements to precede banking appointments. New details about delivery, card activation from home and auto deposits (for you by the bank) give rise to further concerns about deceit and subterfuge vs safety and security.
This writer agrees with BELLRINGER. This program belongs to GOD not BUSH. Enough said.
              casper   1-27-08