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Casper Update: Jan. 23, 2008

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The packages at the Court in D.C. went out Sunday 10a.m. and were promptly returned on orders of Bush. This in spite of the legal filings last Friday afternoon, IMF vs Supreme Ct.& UNITED STATES.  This problem was overcome today.
Following that and the "download" trip thru Asia and Europe and the widely reported release from Germany Monday resulting, many sources report, in final domestic downloads, also Monday, we got to the meat of the matter Tuesday afternoon. A high powered conference call with BUSH/EUROPE took place yesterday afternoon which was to result in deliveries today. Participants, content and outcome are known but we are asked not to discuss here except to say the outcome was sucessful and in our favor. After that a loose end or two remained that being the "clearing" of the IMF legalize and, we hear, that did not get finished until today delaying deliveries until tomorrow. Also, some "signature corrections" were handled by carrier and all major sources report its really really ready now and will come tomorrow.   
Regarding the Fourwinds/Bellringer posting today Basel II/Access Funds, our understanding is the "expense card" is in Fed Res $$$ but depositing the big checks open our accounts under Basel II/Treasury at the bank. These deposits and the many other cards would then not be accessed until after announcements 2-1-08. This is a little complicated but as explained to us seems to make sense.
Simultaneously the Dow does a 650 point "flipflop" today. Related?? YES, we hear the big boy insiders were tipped about tomorrow.  In the middle of all this we have the State Of The Union Monday night.
STORY's update yesterday avoiding current news and failing to clean up previous loose ends is nevertheless very valuable if you follow his threads of information backwards. This may have been a chapter of his upcoming book. We believe the immediacy of the situation dictated the nature of his update.
The news is overwhelmingly good on all fronts. Last second issues put us off another day.
                 casper   1-23-08