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Casper Update: Jan. 19, 2008

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It is interesting, is it not, that a percentage of the people prefer the warmth of ignorance to the vicissitudes of truth?  
"Tell me something good even if you have to lie to me" is a state of mind we have all been through at one time or another.
"Ignorance is bliss" said someone somewhere. For some folks this is the literal truth of it.
In his book PHOENIX RISING, author Hayden Paul describes, in reference to ones spiritual quest, how arriving at the edge of the abyss is unavoidable, and how most people decide to turn and go back to the previous comfort level. And that there is nothing wrong with this decision.
Our "deal" is like that. The wild gyrations over many years of "false hope" has taken so many lives via "stress related heart attacks" that we stopped counting long ago. There are those who are best suited to simply avoid the pressure that comes with knowing the daily twist and turns of behind the scenes activity and these folks should avoid the emotional roller coaster by settling for weekly or monthly updates.
As explained some time back, these writings, which were begun with the primary motivation of helping "fellow travelers" get through the fog of disinformation, became a method/place whereby important players around the world, operating under as many as a dozen non-disclosures each, could anonymously convey secret activity to others in a position to act on the information.
And so, this "other audience" has used information disclosed here to act and react immediately, not allowing days to pass before learning what the bad guys are up to.
This is not the place for 100% airtight accuracy or analysis as facts and information unfold so quickly that we do not have time to wait for time to sort things out.
If we did the information would be useless to the 2nd targeted audience (other than recipients). Immediate disclosure of daily Blackhat activity here and elsewhere has helped "our side" time and time again to deal with obstacles.
In spite of this "hurry up offense" you might be amazed at the feedback we get from around the world saying, more or less, "once again you guys were right on the money". These disclosures originate not from this writers nightly dream state but from the "widespread and diverse" sources who make this "outing" of the Blackhats activities possible. 
We are not insiders, just recipients like you trying to help our side defeat their side.
Have you considered the risk inherent in this activity? The Blackhats are very bad people.
Even now the world awaits explanation of the silencing of STORY.
If you, your friends or your E-mail list are best served by not dealing with the intensity of daily news we encourage you to back off.
Riding BODACIOUS - the Big Bull-Is not a joyful experience so do something more healthy if you wish and just accept the fact that "our side" is "worldwide" and doing everything humanly possible to bring this to a successful conclusion during your excused absence.
The trade attempts continued overnight and again this morning. They appear to think that if they throw enough paper into the air some of it will get through. Not that we know of. All are blocked.  
The river of lies directed daily at you and us is one thing.
Be aware that this occurs at the highest levels every day.
Nations are lied to.
Institutions are lied to.
Trustees are lied to.
No one likes to admit that they have been duped again but that's what it comes down to over and over again.
A small clique of criminals rule the world and somehow force the endless postponement of deliveries.
There is chaos in the banking world.  Basel II can not be operable or these attempts to trade under the fiat monetary system would be useless.  The World Bank, employing 8000 people in seven D.C. buildings near the White House has closed for FOUR DAYS due to a bomb scare THURSDAY ??? 
The "cover stories", i.e. LIES, are flying. Will update when we have something tangible for either of our two audiences.
          casper    1-19-08