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COMMENTS on lst Casper Update of Jan. 18, 2008


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I just read 1st Casper Update Jan 18. That seems about right for Roberts is no Constitutional 'Judge", does not sit as a lawful judge of the People of the Republic in any capacity, does not sit on a lawful "court of the United States" nor have any Article III Constitutional capacity. The US Supreme Court is not an Art. III court but "simulates" such as part of the smoke and mirrors legal voodoo to give an impression or appearance that it does. There is NO WAY that Roberts or any of thise Black Robes will ever act to enable the uSA to come back on line, in my opinion. They are all "employees" of the CORPORATION, all pay federal taxes, all operate within a venue calling itself a 'court' which itself has a FEDERAL TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, and is most likely listed on Dunn & Bradstreet as a public corporation. I have not checked it, but all of the State and federal USDC's are shareholder 'owned' public corporations. Guess who the shareholders are? Judges and attorneys who 'practice' 'law' inside the BAR. Yes, indeed.

So, who in the judiciary is going to uphold the 'rule of law' when there is NONE? NONE. It is an apparition and a simulation, made for public consumption and commercial gain, because the whole thing operates on credit/debt-based negotiable instruments, which are expressed in terms of 'DOLLARS', which are WHAT? FRN's. So, it is a debt-creation scheme....and a 'extortionate of credit' scheme, the whole judiciary operates under and on the same FRAUD that the credit 'lending' or 'loan origination' scheme operates on..... All judicial filings, including Complaints, Pleadings, etc. are all bonded and insured. All statutes, regulations, codes, rules, Orders, Diretives, etc. etc. are COMMERCIAL in nature, "terms and conditions to contract" if you will, and subject to the jurisdiction and venue of the admiralty-maritime-commercial-contract 'courts' trading pits. The Supreme Court is just a more sophisticated higher level trading pit. And, they who 'offiiciate' there are not representatives of the People or the lawful Government thereof. They are fakirs and 'actors' all.

THERE, I SAID IT. THERE YOU HAVE IT. Every 'federal judge' has his/her oath of office and "civil commission" or "appointment" lodged within the Department of Justice, which is an EXECUTIVE agency under 28 USC 3002 (15). Why would alleged independent judicial officers have their official oath, bond, commission etc. lodged there, instead of with the U.S. Department of State, which is where they used to be lodged before the U.S. courts were made instrumentalities of the FED CORP? That's right. The US Courts are under DoJ authority, which is under EXECUTIVE [PRIVILEGE} and "immunity".

Furthermore, it is a FACT OF LAW, the US Attorney General, after being sworn to 'public office' with his hand on some bible or other, takes a subsequent oath to INTERPOL as a 'permanent member' thereof. This is under Article 30 of the INTERPOL Constitution, which obligates the US AG to perform in total disregard to national sovereignty from which the 'memmber' derives, and to perform his/her duties toward satisfaction of the international purposes of INTERPOL. Some folks have determined that INTERPOL itself is an INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL CARTEL, maksing itself as an international investigative and law enforcement consortium.

Also, the US Secretary of Treasury is, under U.S. law, a 'alternate member' of INTERPOL, and is allegiant to INTERPOL under the same Article. That makes two 'unregistered foreign agents' under US 'Foreign Agent Registration Act'.

Treasury Sec is also Governor of the IMF, so WHAT GIVES? IMF is supposedly bringing on these new changes, at least at the level of the monetary sytem, and you have the Treasury Sec now deceased and all kinds nefarious stuff going on which links to secretive agencies and operations outside the USA/US.

If the chief officers of the UST and DoJ are allegiant to foreing Principals, because it is axiomatic that "a man cannot serve two masters", then who is in control of US federal DoJ and Treasury, really?

Remember what I wrote above: ALL US federal judges are CORPORATE AND OPERATE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CORPORATION/CARTEL, and are under or within the EXECUTIVE. There is absolutely no 'separation of powers' and no 'three branch' structure to the alleged 'government'. It is all one CORP. THAT's it. And, the US intel and military are right in there as well, right along with the political hacks calling themselves 'Congressman' or 'Senator'. All in/under the EXECUTIVE. This is a FACT of "LAW". OOPS. GOING to piss some folks off here. Time to bring out the 'water boards'.