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Casper 2nd Update: Jan. 18, 2008

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The early morning cup of crap dispensed by the disinfo teams is Trustees downloading, not done, next week. This junk has nothing to do with what we were expecting today.
The truth is that WAR continues and is not settled.
 Threats by IMF to boycott CHINA are back on the table this morning after the D.C. packs were pulled back again after the blackhats thought their trades, sanctioned by the W.C., were going through. Remember, BUSH was personally involved in the sale of B.A. private banking to CHINA months ago when they planed a monstrous trade of our money with proceeds to BUSH, CHINA and B.A.. It was blocked and CHINA was left holding the proverbial brown bag. This is a continuation of that with the additional unexplained sanction of the W.C..
We THINK they are still trying to save the domestic banks by trading program money belonging to others including us, Wanta, IMF, etc..  "To the last man" seems to be their position which is basically the same as "over my dead body" from Senior so many years ago. Outcome? Not yet known.
The FED RES wire transfer system was back up at 3p.m. yesterday.
The top level Pacific Rim Trustee's who apparently did get paid (on the computer we hear) the first of the week are now slow playing the download to sub-trustee's (on the computer) on orders, we would GUESS, from CHINA.
Domestic Trustee download stories this morning are cover for what's actually happening.
Money to CIA for arrest?? They are not supposed to operate domestically (FBI), can't explain.
"S", you are a superb writer. No fooling. Regarding your info about retention centers with shrink wrapped U.S. currency on pallets in CHINA, are you aware that CHINA was given a set of U.S.Treasury Currency Plates ( decades ago) and the right to print U.S. currency themselves in amounts dependent upon (and as a percentage of) currency increases printed by Treasury in the U.S.?? That's what is in the retention centers. Do you know anything about the currency from warehouses in IRAQ to tanks buried on GW's ranch outside Waco??
The gentleman who said, basically, never mind the "crap" from "S", just follow the instructions-I'm sure he didn't really mean that. Friends, you are being given a B-12 shot of KNOWLEDGE. A direct transfusion. Please don't waste it. So many Patriots have given so much to acquire and make available this knowledge (road map) of how your country was stolen from you.
The core issue: status, standing, capacity. READ.
Last week the BUSH/ROBERTS Supreme Court ruled that we do not have the rights clearly stated in Article 1 of the Bill of Rights (redress of grievances). This week they ruled that shareholders have no right to sue the crooks assisting corrupt corporations such as Enron, Worldcom, etc..
Paulson, Paulson, PAULSON. Where are you CHRISTOPHER??
How bad is it when the government starts giving you your money back?????  Not since the '74/'75 recession if memory serves.
Obviously more problems have occurred. When the trades were blocked BUSH "went berserk and flew over the cuckoo's nest" so we (somebody-IMF?) is dealing with a madman and a mad man.
More when available.
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