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Casper 2nd Update: Jan. 17, 2008

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Tomorrow will be 8 days since CHRISTOPHER STORY has updated. Does anyone out there know whether he is dead (god forbid), alive or hushed up?
There were three more trades stacked up behind the one reported this morning.
All have been blocked. If a bank and a trader are willing, and in this case have Wld. Ct. approval, they can and have in the past used our accounts/funds as "collateral" for a trade.
The money does not actually move except in rare instances such as the 3T$ recently discussed.
These attempts WERE AUTHORIZED BY THE WORLD COURT. We wonder if the Judge who signed the papers would like to see his name in lights? Whadaya say your dishonor??
The issue here is that Basel II and new Global Banking was to put a stop to these shenanigans. If Basel is operable why would they even try?
This takes us back to the reports that the deposit of the big checks and the announcements effect the change and until then they just keep on keeping on.
Did we mention that the funds moved to DUBAI by LAURA (previously) were frozen and she failed to access last week?
GW on T.V. tomorrow-Economic Stimulus Package-$1600. tax refund to every "tax filer".
After 300 point fall in Dow today foreign equity markets falling precipitously over night.
It is all so very serious.
Three day weekend (Martin Luther).
Pink slips at B.A. ready but not handed out yet.
Latest "access news" says do as instructed and be safe. Signals suggest announcements more or less simultaneous with deliveries. Expect big checks to be held at banks forcing appointments. Look first for demise of UNITED STATES/FED RES BANKING, failing that look for availability of "allocated accounts", third for ticket to an airplane. To each his own.
IMF did not know of trade attempts until read here, went nuts, spitting nails. Black hats really really pi__ed.
The big news tonight is JAPAN offering to buy viable domestic banks with rumors that they are considering buying B.A.. This info from multiple bankers. More later.
More arrest today, primarily B.A. and CITI we hear.
It appears to this reporter that the debt/credit monetary system ponzi scheme is collapsing before our eyes. Adding liquidity won't save the system. Remember, if true, this is the FED RES SYSTEM collapsing not our country, not the united states of america.
Sorry "S", didn't mean to push round peg in square hole. Gathering this Intel is hard work. And tiring. And expensive. We talked to bankers in eight countries yesterday. We could sure use your help analyzing puzzle pieces for the good of all and you appear imminently qualified to do so. Please consider.
My own analysis, for what it is worth, is that International Debt Reconciliation and "Settlement" is part of what is coming down which explains why there would be no run on "new treasury specie".
Metals backing of currencies of participating nations (virtually all) means no more petro-dollars and an end to U.S. Dollar Hegemony.
A return, directly to American Citizens, of the Marshall Plan Money which has been traded and now amounts to T's.
Simultaneous delv's and announcements and safety of banks we visit.
The immediate demise of the CORPORATE U.S., the FED. RES and associated entities. The rise of the Constitutional Treasury which was "warehoused" in CHINA for safe keeping since early 1900's (to difficult to explain).
The outright sale of Banks which can't comply with new rules (metals reserves) to the highest bidder. The implementation of a new worldwide monetary system replacing Bretton Woods II ('71&after) better described as a " metals reserve system" as opposed to a gold or silver standard. Regional "MASTER"  currencies for lack of a better way of saying it. And "disclosure's" galore limited only by the perceived ability of the people "to take it". 
Now this, and six federal reserve debt instruments, will get you a Starbucks.
Hearing deliveries tomorrow.
casper  1-17-08  evening