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Casper Update: Jan. 17, 2008

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There has been another attempt to trade our money. No details available yet but intell confirmed by three euro-bankers. It was blocked as usual. They never learn. There have been dozens of attempts blocked over several months. Unable to explain which funds and/or deposits involved but we are certain of facts as we talk to those who block these attempts. THIS ATTEMPT WAS SANCTIONED BY THE WORLD COURT.
Various sources continue to say delivery today. We will see.
The FED RES domestic wire transfer system was shut down (not working) yesterday afternoon and that remains the case this morning.
Wire Transfers usually require about 3 hours.   Wires are "stuck".    Waiting to move.
The phone at the Wire Dept  for the Fed Resv is not being answered of 1PM EST.
More later.
                       casper    1-17-08