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COMMENT RE: Final (3rd) Casper Update Jan. 16, 2007


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 Dear Fourwinds Group:

On January 16, Bellringer wrote the following as a reply to a posted inquiry of the same day re: safety of bank assets after the banking changes:

FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Jan. 16, 2008


Dear J:

Thank you for your letter and your kind words for our work at Fourwinds.

Many ask questions and speculate based upon the Federal Reserve system remaining in place. Unless NESARA is implemented and the Global gold banking system and Basal II are activated and the Fed abolished, no bank will be safe. That is the big fight!

If our bank packets go to the banks, we will be notified and must then go to that bank with our I.D. to claim them. You will probably go to a local bank within a reasonable distance from where you live to claim your packet.

All money and assets we presently have in the banks are to be converted dollar for dollar into the new gold currency. Under NESARA the people are to be protected from any loss of their assets. China is buying failing Federal Reserve Banks to keep the U.S. and world economy afloat.

No foreign country shall be allowed to own any of our U.S. Treasury (of the Republic) Banks, when under NESARA our country is returned to its true sovereignty. Then all banks will be safe. Hopefully, this shall happen this month.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer

My comment today  in response to Casper’s final post of Jan. 16:

I AM NOT ‘the MAN’, and I have no motive nor interest in being pegged in that hole.  My intent in posting the few lengthy dissertations that I have was simply to try to clear some of the debris and cobwebs from within our collective consciousness and to shed light on certain MATERIAL FACTS AND ISSUES regarding the historical and present law form of the UNITED STATES.  Most of the People of this country, and most nations and peoples of the world do not know or understand WHAT THE UNITED STATES really IS.   They do not understand the dual nature of this System, and how it embodies both a “public” and  “private ” side, and what the law form is within either.  It is not just the people of this country that have been duped and manipulated into serving the corrupt international banksters.  The entire “community of nations” has.  Everywhere that the FRN was put into circulation, it carried a contaminant or poison with it, and it is called DEBT by FRAUD.  If one does not understand these matters, and those who operate the machine of UNITED STATES do, recipients of Program funds will already be  operating in the blind and at extreme disadvantage in dealing with their private-commercial affairs in this matter.  If there is no INTERVENTION and ANNOUNCEMENT, in the form of  PUBLIC NOTICE, of a change in the entire law form of the ‘government’ and commercial-monetary System, one can rely on only what is historically and presently in force and effect.  I have merely tried to explain what IS in force and effect, and why activating any depository relationship by contract with any U.S. federally chartered bank is not secure, not ‘private’, and not ‘within the united States of America’.  These banks do not exist ‘within the united States of America’.  They are ‘federal’ in nature, and are sub-corps of the federal CORPORATION, aka, UNITED STATES, which has enjoined by ‘charter’ or contract of Congress, since 1913, with the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, a private, for-profit, to operate for the benefit of it’s owners and those who are enjoined or associated therewith.   This is an international CARTEL, and it has roots into every black hole on the planet. 

If there is no REFORMATION ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE TIME OR PRIOR TO THE TIME OF ‘ACCESS’, the existing “PUBLIC TRUST”, which operates under the name of the public “federal government”, the “UNITED STATES”, a CORPORATION domiciled or seated in power within the “ten square miles” of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, and which operates by private commercial-contract ‘law”, WILL TAKE ‘ACCEPTANCE’ OF THE PROPERTY AND ALL VALUE OF SUBSTANCE ATTRIBUTED TO IT.  IT WILL BE, IN EFFECT, A ‘CONTRIBUTION’ OR ‘DONATION’ BY ‘FAITH’ TO A CHARITABLE TRUST ORGANIZATION, WHICH HAPPENS TO HAVE CONVINCED YOU AND ME AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT IT IS FOR THE ‘GREATER BENEFIT OF THE WHOLE’, WHICH IS WHAT COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM IS ALL ABOUT.  FASCISM IS BUILT ON SUCH IDEALS, AND FASCISM IS NOT INCONSISTENT WITH THE CHARACTER OF THE CABAL OF TYRANNY NOW ‘RESIDENT’ IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.  If we fund the existing “US TREASURY” by depositing ‘real money of exchange’ or ‘substance’, having intrinsic value within the new banking system, we are funding the BEAST.  Your status will not have changed, your Rights as a lawful man/woman under Heaven and Law of Nature on the Land will not have been re-instated or returned to you, and you will remain in effect a mere proxy, signatory, fiduciary, executor, and bonding agent who acts solely for and on behalf of the “public trust’ and real ‘beneficiary’, which is the UNITED STATES.

The Founders of this Nation honored the Creator and Creation in the making of this Nation in the form and forum of an express Trust, a Sacred Trust, for the Posterity of ‘We the People”, and it was called the united States of America.  They did not presume to express that our rights derive from any man or from any creation of man, including any ‘government’ that man can conceive.  They elaborated the certainty, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND HAVE CERTAIN UN-ALIEN-ABLE OR IN-ALIEN-ABLE RIGHTS UNDER GOD.   This means that our Rights are “innate” or “inherent” to the fact of our very existence and can never be reduced, diminished, modified, or prejudiced to our detriment.  The “UNITED STATES”, which operates within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is not the same ‘nation’, nor government of the United States of America, nor does it represent the People of the united States of America.  It represents domestic and foreign powers, principals, and interests, which operate privately and commercially by and through its ‘sovereign authority’ and ‘law’ form to the dis-interest and detriment of the American People.   We have been bamboozled for multiple generations within a coherent strategy to perfect the ultimate illusion of “freedom”, while expressing the ultimate reality and irony, a  vile and virulent “tyranny” masking itself as “global social democracy”, ‘civil or humanitarian rights’, and “free market capitalism”.  This could only be accomplished over such a long period of time so that the masses could not discern it, could not see it, could not remember its events and constant transitional nature, nor have any attention to scrutinize the elaborative detail of it at any time or within any period of time.

We have a five second attention span, friends, and it is by design and intent.  Just go to  enter your location-address, and view the concentration of microwave antennas and towers, commercially operating within a few mile circumference of that location.  Our DNA is being ‘shredded’ by unseen/undisclosed scalar waves piggy backing in on 1200GHZ microwaves which are the basis for the `commercial cell phone and ‘wireless’ tele-communications system that has been launched globally.  Put a piece of fresh meat in you micro-wave at home, if you are foolish enough to have one in the home, and turn it on and watch it.  Allow it to ‘cook’ too long and what happens?  Cook it alittle slower over a long period of time and see what happens.  And, THAT is what we are subjecting ourselves to by using unprotected microwave devices, which ‘they’ control and can monitor at will.  Just wait for the ‘chip’, which will perfect their demonic ‘plan’ to mind-mood control everyone, and if one is not deemed by the STATE to be politically correct, the microwave signal will be sent to the chip and you will have an illness or an ‘event’ that is terminal.  Ever heard of ‘radionics”??  If you want more information on how to protect yourself from the adverse field effects of scalar and micro waves, let Bellringer know and I will assist with some information.  One first has to be able to identify the “WHAT IS”, and if there is an issue or a problem, it need be addressed in advance if possible, before one takes any ‘fist step’.  Some steps are impossible or near impossible to reverse, and that is why I have written what I do.

 This was an effort to explain as briefly as possible, WHY I completely agree with Patrick Bellringer’s comments re-posted above.  

As for the most recent post by Casper, I can only say that “time will tell” and that it sounds like there may be ‘teeth’ afterall.  I am no “intelligence” operative, have no ties to such networks, and don’t intend on becoming enmeshed with such.   Casper apparently has his/her sources and can post matters of fact within certain restraints, and which I have only tried to ‘bracket’ or put into the context of ‘law’ and how the current system really operates.  If the system does not change, ‘security’ or ‘safety’ is a major issue.  With everything else going on behind the scenes that we may or may not be aware of, I can make no comment on anything Casper has posted other than to say that I have had certain ‘intel’ given to me twenty and ten and five years ago as well from reliable sources.  And, although the timing has been inaccurate in terms of artificial time, it has come to pass that in terms of the ‘event calendar’ the ‘time’ that we are now in seems to be completely in synch.  So, we will wait and see how this plays out, and we will be Blessed no matter the outcome, because it is not our Plan nor in our hands.  I pray that all of what Casper reports is accurate, because if it is, it certainly portends that the world of which we speak will be changing very quickly and that the System as it has existed may in fact be under ‘reorganization’, ‘reformation’, and ‘re-structuring’.  We must still pay ATTENTION, ask questions, conduct due diligence, and ascertain if the reformed ‘law’ regime or ‘system’ of the UNITED STATES is consistent with our benefit, interest, and BILL OF RIGHTS.  WHO is to benefit and WHAT rights at law underlie the structure emerging?  Is it merely that of the CORPORATION and those who have controlled IT and US for so long through adhesion ‘contracts’ and undisclosed binding agreements that we had no idea about?

We Wait and Watch and Pray.  Visualize and feel the desired outcome already having manifested.  There’s really not much else to say.  It’s all been said.