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Casper 3rd Update: Jan. 16, 2008

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I used my toes and got the sock out.
Dear "S" and everyone else, I am going to provide some very current Intel and send it out immediately so that hopefully "S" might see this and have some time to analyze it for all of us as he is obviously THE MAN right now.
  See for this extremely important and urgent collogue.  Will continue this update tonight or in the morning but it is "S's" analysis of the following intell  which is important tonight.
*More than 150 bankers were arrested today and another 1500 arrest of bankers are expected ASAP.
*2400 pink slips at B.A. today. Bank being audited (again). Heads rolling, the word Embezzlement in use internally.
*CITY canceling outstanding lines of credit today (to customers).
*World court says CHINA now owns 61% of CITI.
* DUBAI, in some capacity, which appears to be through CITI,  providing funds to CIA and NAVY for expenses associated with arrest efforts.
*IMF nations threaten immediate worldwide embargo against CHINA if packs not out immediately.
*Japan makes behind scenes offer to buy U.S. banks seemingly competing with Dubai and CHINA.
*STRONG ADVICE given--pull money from B.A. IMMEDIATELY. Sell stock, liquidate pension plans.
*Precious metals prices to be frozen.
*Stock market to close, Bank Stocks to be pulled down--attempts to avoid run on the banks.
*RAGE over recent disclosures, yours, ours, everyone's. 
*BANKING COMMISSION leading the band including the arrest.
*Our Bank appointments AFTER Feb. 1ST.
*Our domestic funds which had been moved offshore now being moved back onshore.
*Brussels providing operating expenses for Treasury??
*Wld court orders CHINA to pay 150% penalty on 3T$.
*D.C. packs out again-multiple planes and destinations.
* Announcements to include contents of "SUITCASE" ( 9-11, etc etc etc etc etc etc ).
above from widespread and diverse sources.
And finally "S", we recommend you assume constitution announcements up-front as we have had this Intel for years from sources deemed reliable. 
Will continue with this update later, above are the salient points.
                        Casper  1-16-08  3rd