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COMMENTS RE: Casper Updates Jan. 15 and 16


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  Dear Fourwinds Group:

I have just read Casper’s update of Jan. 16.  This does not surprise me, although it is most disheartening.  What is disheartening is the fact that there seems to be too little ‘umph’ in the emerging system at the level of “guts and nuts” to assure the lawful and proper treatment of said funds within the existing power structures, which include the current regime within the UNITED STATES and its known and unknown allies elsewhere.  The posted material of  today on Fourwinds titled “A BRIEF HISTORICAL ANALYSIS….” was/is intended to address the core issues of “Citizenship”, ‘status’, political-legal ‘domicile’, ‘jurisdiction’, ‘venue’, ‘rights’ vs. ‘privileges’ etc. It goes down the rabbit hole into the realm of HOW PEOPLE POWER HAS BEEN USURPED WITHIN THE REPUBLIC, united States of America.  I believe that it also goes to the core issue driving all such ‘delays’ and ‘blocks’, being that ‘they’ want to ‘fund’ these programs on their own time, or only after having converted said funds into valueless fiat ‘money’ of some new or old ‘issue’, or only after they have profited from continued illegal use thereof, or only after their feet are charred black from the fire of accountability by those who can do so. 

What Casper has just reported is indicative of what I was pointing to at the end of the “BRIEF HISTORICAL ANALYSIS….”  I DID NOT SAY WHAT I WAS THINKING OR CONCLUDING.  I waited to see what the reported facts would say instead.  IF China [Red] or  Ming now own controlling interest in at least five major U.S. bank corps, including BoA, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, that is a huge % of retail ‘regional’ banking in the U.S., brought about under the past ten years of consolidation, merger and acquisition in the States.  BoA gobbled up Nations Bank.  Wachovia gobbled up First Union…etc. etc.  Wachovia has a similar relationship to POWER and INTEL as does BoA apparently, so, WHO are the players that now ‘own’ controlling interest?  Does it really matter?  Does anyone have a key to Dorothy’s house in Kansas?  Does the Cheshire Cat really have stripes?

Who has the juice to make this happen right down to ‘balls to the wall’?  It doesn’t appear right now that the players named in STORY reports are being dealt with in a manner consistent with even ‘compelled performance’ or ‘allowance’ by either getting out of the way or being removed.  BoA buys Countrywide, while at the same time being ‘reorganized’ under new foreign equity investment.  That is unheard of.  Two major constructive financial undertakings in a matter of days within the same U.S. corporation, which involves two of the major players within the U.S. Treasury-Federal Reserve Bank System ‘scheme’.  Now, all of the ‘mortgagees’ that have an obligation to CW as alleged ‘lender’ of bank credit, and who’s security agreements or ‘Deeds of Trust’ [liens on ‘real property’] thereon, are owned by BoA, which is controlled by forces in China.  Some of those Chinese forces or factions, including the Government of China, hold US Treasury Securities, and also have retention centers full of U.S.T-FRB ‘cash currency’ [FRN’s] shrink-wrapped on pallets.  Some of these same forces control these other U.S. banks mentioned in STORY reports and which are known or presumed to have interlocking Boards of Directors, all of which are in synch with the current U.S. ‘administration’, which means the First Executive and Commander in Chief of the “United States”.

WHO is going to assure performance, transparency, and integrity of Basel II within the U.S.A.or the U.S.??  The fact, if correct, that tax monies ‘paid’ into the UST recently before final distribution or receipt of deliveries is clear evidence that all is not right or as made to appear to be in PARADISE.  If China Red or Ming, or both, as well as Brussels, called for delay in delivery, while cutting a deal with the Burning Bush(es), and while ‘reorganization’ of BoA and CITI are an instant material issue now made public, I would say that the U.S. is being taken down and dismantled brick by brick without a shot being fired, simply by ‘Art of War’ and the use of the legal-financial-commercial System that is already in place.  Basel II may enter into the equation as the apparent driver or motivator, but, the actual force moving within the emerging System is what matters.  Basel II is the juice of what must be done, and it is performance-based.   It also defines the parameters, constraints, limitations, and allowances for the energy entering into the new System to run on/within.    Someone way up high in this process does not want to see a reversion or conversion of the People of the united States of America under their present status and debt-load as contract sureties, executors, and fiduciaries for the benefit of the UNITED STATES, a FEDERAL CORPORATION, 

If taxes on funds have already been ‘paid’, by whom, on who’s authority, and by what applicable ‘law’?  There would have to be a verifiable federal [tax] assessment on each and every recipient of program funds, and they would have to be verified as being ‘tax payers’.  What about those recipients which  are ‘non-taxpayers’ under Title 26, IRC, and other applicable law, including Supreme Court case law?  This constructive event may be violation of Basel II and other accords, but may also be violation of Titles 18 and 26 by those who compelled and participated in it.  It may go back to the UST or the FRB, or the Department of the Treasury-IRS, or to the IMF……who knows at this point?  Not us.  STORY reported that at some point in the recent past, Wanta’s Settlement Funds were circumvented and misused to pay into the UST certain funds as the alleged amount due on taxes, but without Wanta actually having taken ‘constructive receipt’ or realized any ‘economic benefit’ from the funds being taxed, as they were still being held by CITI.  The same thing applies here as well.  One cannot be taxed, even under Treasury Regulations and the IRC if one has not constructively received anything of ‘value’ which under the Code, or some international equivalent thereof, can claimed to have given rise to an ‘obligation’ or ‘liability’.  Where is the cause, the obligation, and the liability?  Where is the ‘duty’ set forth at law, for any ‘person’, real or natural man, or ‘nonresident alien’ to the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, who has not received anything of record or account, to assume to or be presumed obligated to ‘pay’ an alleged liability only on the basis of undisclosed alleged material events and facts??  Somone is perjuring the record willingly in order to pull this one off for the UST-IRS.  And, if the pattern synchs with what was done behind closed doors by various department heads with the alleged payment of taxes on the WANTA funds, in order that the tax windfall bypass recordation on UST books and be disbursed by those who were in ‘PRIVATE’ meeting for their priority, if not clandestine, projects and accounts, one can only conclude ‘we have been here before’, and ‘we are here again’.

As for the Chinese connection to the Burning Bushes, and the ‘reorganization’ of CITI and BoA, and other U.S financial giants looking under rocks for equity investors from China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and the Middle East, I’d say the parties coming in are coming in with their eye on the bouncing ball and to feed on the weakened corpus of those institutions that they seek to gain a degree of shareholder ‘control’ over.  It is not just a matter of who is bleeding how badly.  It is a matter of who has the greatest potential to end up benefiting from the activation of funds on account by depository relationship to any of these bank institutions. 

If the existing law form does not shift with or prior to delivery, by some substantive disclosure in the form and forum of PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, everyone opting to or submitting to the compelled propaganda to activate in the U.S. FEDERAL CORPROATE-UST banking system, except for Gadoo and his buddies, will be activating funds for the benefit of the U.S. CORPORATION and the owners and principals of the SUB-CORPORATION(S) called BANKS.  This is a fact of law under the current regime of ‘law’.  Unless everyone as a ‘recipient’ were to become ‘re-instated’ as a lawful man or woman on the land of the state republic they were born ‘on’, their status is compromised and is equivalent to that of a ‘voluntary slave’ and commercial fiction, domiciled within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, and has NO RIGHTS UNDER THE BILL OF RIGHTS.  You, the real man or woman, can sign for that legal fiction “U.S. person” and act for it, and assume or accept legal liability for IT’s obligations and duties.  You can effect a ‘deposit’ of ‘lawful money’ funds into a U.S. bank corporation, under regime of the UST and/or FRBS, and you may not claim any Right under the Constitution that any U.S. court will take cognizance of, if what you think is “your property”, held on Account at any bank has been removed or diminished, or substituted for [converted] by anY act of the UST-UNITED STATES.

I suspect that the Chinese et al. know all of this at some level, and certainly am completely convinced that the Department of Justice, UST, and all others at the U.S.  Department of State, Commerce, etc. also know the core issue is about ‘status’, ‘standing’ and ‘capacity’.  The NAME ON THE ACCOUNT is WHO?  THAT name is presumed to be a TAXPAYER, which means ‘domiciled’ or ‘resident’ within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.  That should tell us right there how these funds are to be expressed and what the status is of those who receive them.  Funds do not, therefore, appear to be coming out to private, real, men/women, but in NAME of the U.S. ADMINISTRATIVE FRANCHISE TRUST ‘PERSON’, which is ‘resident’ of the UNITED STATES, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, no matter what federal [territorial] ‘State’ one ‘resides’ in.  IT IS ALL FEDERAL, and it has nothing to do with the Republic called the U.S.A..  It may have something to do with the INCORPORATED ‘U.S.A.’, which Congress created as a corporate subdivision of the UNITED STATES, for whatever nefarious purposes, including for ‘tax collection’ by the IRS, but it is not the ‘ORGANIC’ uSA or U.S.A. republic. 

The NESARA team has got it’s work cut out if funding to private Americans of the republic states is ever to transpire.  In the meantime, those who have control of the logistics and access to funds with or without codes, or who can draw upon such funds via letters of credit etc. are seemingly winning the day.  Where is the U.S. military in this matter anyway?  Anyone else need be set aside, now is the time to do it.   I’d say that Burning Bush et al and eastern cronies are all working this process together to the detriment of the People.  No intervention and No Reformation = MOE OF THE SAME.  IF ‘they’ are watching and reading any of this, they have to be a little pissed that any ‘plan’ to convert funds once ‘deposited’, by the same means of conversion of ‘status’ and operation of ‘presumption of law’, is KNOWN and can be shown to the World Court, U.S. Gold Badges, U.S. Military, Provost Office, etc.  So, who’s protecting the Republic and the People who don’t know a thing about what has happened over the past 150 years?  How can a new and coherent anything come online if there is no compelling force brought to bear on accountability for action taken or not taken?  Where’s the teeth?  Just asking.