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Brief Historical Analysis of U.S. Law (Legal Information Concerning Funding and NESARA)


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Dear Fourwinds Group….

I have read with great interest the Casper and Poof updates as well as the NESARA updates per Bellringer.  My interest is consistent with everyone else’s and  for all of the same reasons that everyone else does.   I would like to offer the following analysis and conclusion as it pertains to me.  In doing so, however, I would also say that my comments may in some manner pertain to everyone else for the same or similar underlying ‘cause’. 

As would-be recipients of program funds, most are not trained in matters of law.  Even those who are ‘in’ the programs who are attorneys, most likely are not trained to practice, or even allowed to practice ‘law’  before any U.S. court [federal or State] in any manner inconsistent with the ‘public interest’ and ‘public policy’, which are code words for the metaphor of the “PUBLIC TRUST”.    That phrase is a code word for FRANCHISE ENTERPRISE, or ‘CORPORATION’.  Under the Supreme Court decision in the Hooven case of 1945, the word art legal definition for  “UNITED STATES” was given three basic legal meanings.  Only one of them means the “Union of the several [republic] states”, ie. united States of America.  One definition pertains to the ‘continental United States’, which is a geo-political terminology expressing the exterior limit of the land mass of the ‘lower 48 states’.  The third definition is the one which most every program recipient has no information about, but which is the current context of the issues set forth in Casper, Poof, NESARA, etc., and pertains to the union of the “several” republic states, aka United States of America [plural form of ‘states’].   That is what ‘several’ means……’more than one’.

The “UNITED STATES” is defined in the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26 [§§7701(a)(9) and (10)] of the United States Code (U.S.C.), which governs the IRS, to mean only the “DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA”.  That’s correct.  Also, under Title 28 U.S.C. [§3002 (15)(A-C)], which Title governs all statutory-administrative judicial activity of officers of the U.S. courts, and the “U.S. courts” [as distinct from ‘courts of the United States’], and which consolidates all rules of procedure in admiralty-maritime [commerce-contract] ‘law’ [venue and jurisdiction], the ‘UNITED STATES’ is defined to mean a ‘FEDERAL CORPORATION’, including any ‘INSTRUMENTALITY’ and ‘AGENCY’ thereof.  All legislative and judicial functions of the “UNITED STATES” now operate and have operated under Executive Authority for many years, although digging this out of the ‘books’ has taken some researchers quite some time to do it.  This is a CONFIRMED FACT.  Those who know where all the dirty laundry is as to how the usurpation of the Republic was accomplished over multiple generations of time, while at the same time constructing an intended ‘parallel’ and secretive POWER STRUCTURE taking the same-sounding name in fact, have been and remain the target of official acts to suppress, seize,  impede, dismantle, disrupt, investigate, incarcerate, target, and when/if deemed ‘in the public interest’ or in ‘the interest of national security’, eliminated by any means necessary.  This ‘policy’ strategy is alive and well and operates 24/7 against all of us.  EXECUTIVE authority is what is at work as the “UNITED STATES’, and the ‘three branch’  idea of government is mere window dressing.  The doctrine of ‘separation of powers’ or diversity between the ‘several states’ and the federal government are also myths.  FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, there exists only the FEDERAL CORPORATION AND ALL PROPERTY VESTS THEREIN. 

DEBT has always been an underlying fact and issue the commercial venture which was to become ‘America’, the united States of America, and the UNITED STATES.  Take your pick of legal meanings, and it matters not as to the underlying issues existent at the time of the alleged ‘separation’ from England.   DEBT was owed.  DEBT was ‘constituted’ within the original ‘states’ of the Confederation, and it was further constituted within the new Union known as the united States of America.   There is far too much ignorance of the historical facts in the ‘legal memory’ of the nation and of the character and nature of the ‘federal government’ to be able to bring the American people into a ‘quick fix’ by any action to seek a collective ‘redress of grievances’.   It has been tried and denied.  Even most recently within the Supreme Court, just the other day, the Supreme Court denied a Petition for Redress by We The People Foundation, which is a member-driven organization.  Thing is, most all of its members are signatory fiduciaries for U.S. Social Security ‘BENEFICIARY TRUST’ FRANCHISES, you know, the name appearing on ‘your’ Social Security Card with the SSAN??    The Supreme Court’s denial of a  Petition for Redress, i.e to exercise a fundamental ‘Right’ or ‘Writ’ to petition the ‘government’ for redress of un-Constitutional acts against the People, has been flatly refused and denied, and with no further elaboration by ‘findings of fact’ or ‘conclusions of law’ given.  That is the same as saying the People have no ‘standing’ to petition who did petition, or no ‘right’ or ‘writ’ of redress under the Constitution at this time or in the past for whatever reason, or any number of other ‘legalisms’ which can be conjured.  This is a prime example of how the entire U.S. court system operates under presumed Executive [administrative] Authority and ‘doctrine of necessity’ to protect the status quo.  There are NO LAWFUL ‘courts of the United States’ in existence under the Constitutional authority of Article III, and never have been.  This is born out in various Supreme Court decisions from years ago.  There are no Article III judges, which have and hold the ‘judicial authority of the United States’ under Article III.    Congress never created such courts nor such judges, prior to nor subsequent to the Civil War. 

In fact, there has not existed a ‘lawful Congress assembled’ since the ten southern states exercised their sovereign authority to ‘opt out’ of the Union Constitution, which was in its construction an express trust.  The post-Civil War Reconstruction Acts and the ‘reformed’ Union, including the Congress assembled, was comprised and ‘constituted’ of military appointees to offices that were brought under Executive Authority of the Commander in Chief of the Union military, under the “LIEBER CODE”.  This has remained the ‘law form’ for the superficial workings of the ‘civil authority’ of the “UNITED STATES” ever since, and operates as such to-date.  The Lieber Code has never been rescinded or revoked since Lincoln [a trained military law attorney, and reasonably believed to be a descendant of the Rothchild family] in 1861.  The American Union Republic ‘states’ came under ‘occupation’ and have remained ‘occupied’ to-date.  Wonder why things have gone downhill since the purported ‘Civil War’ to ‘emancipate’ the slaves, which by the way were brought to the New World by merchant slave traders under thrust of treaty agreements between the various Monarchies of Europe and the Vatican??   The Civil War was a ruse to run the Union government into debt, split the southern states from the north in order to gain control over their production and commerce, and use a purported ethical-moral issue under alleged ‘Christian’ ideologies as justification for the ‘war’, whereas, those who spawned slavery and indentured servitude in the New World to the west of Europe, were those who already controlled militaries, navies, and the early ‘explorations’ whereby new lands and peoples were laid claim to in the names thereof.  

By the one definition above, that being a ‘federal corporation’, the “UNITED STATES”/DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA was incorporated and engineered to facilitate one primary purpose……the overthrow of the American Republic.   The CORPORATE UNITED STATES, and all of is agencies and instrumentalities, act ‘without the united States of America’, ‘within the District of Columbia’, and have made under the ‘occupation’ territories of the de jure republic states of the People and the Union of states thereof.   The republic states de jure still exist, but are comatose, have no ‘body politic’, no ‘officers’ per se, and no discernible operational structures.

The UNTED STATES is still occupying the united States of America, per the ‘situs’ of power that was first incorporated after the Civil War in by the Organic Act of 1871 as the District of Columbia, even though according to the Federal Convention, 1787, Committee on Styles, the states voted to reject the delegation of any authority to Congress assembled to be able to ‘incorporate’ whatsoever.  A motion was made in formal Committee session on a motion to delegate the authority to incorporate, and the motion was rejected.  WHERE did the ‘reformed’ Congress assembled after 1865, or 1868, or 1871 post-Civil War,  post-“Reconstruction Acts of 1868”, and post-enactment of the erroneous 14th Amendment of 1868, obtain its original ‘law authority’ or explicit express power to be able to INCORPORATE??    All ‘GSE’s’, Government Sponsored Enterprises’ today, are fiction corporations of the UNITED STATES, of which there are over 500 known.  How  many are unknown remains to be investigagted, but most of them will  fall under some protection of the Executive or Congress or some ‘special court’ from ever being found out.

WAAAAAYYYY TOO MUCH WATER OVER THOSE FALLS, FOLKS.   The federal bankruptcy of 1933 is not even the primary issue in re: the Republic.  It simply consolidated the “presumption” of absolute POWER and CONTROL over the land, the People, the republic states and their Union.  When, as a matter of ‘fact’ and ‘law’ of International Record this was accomplished to the satisfaction of those foreign Creditors (Principals) to the federal U.S. CORPORATION- DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, the People and their property [Rights, substance] were foreclosed.  The foreclosure of 1931-1938 under ‘reorganization’ ‘Plan’ brought new ‘government’ upon the People, the ‘states’, by and through newly created de facto federal FOREIGN TRADE ZONE  ‘States’.  These federalized incorporated States of the UNITED STATES, under the Foreign Trade Zone Act of 1934, were/are over-laid on the de jure republic states of the organic Union.  The STATE OF GEORGIA is not one/same as Georgia republic ‘state’.  It is highly controversial even today as to whether the new form of ‘government’ which emerged post-1933 was even remotely in harmony or consistent with the Constitution.  Some scholars and researchers conclude that it is not, while others conclude that ‘non-constitutional’ is not the same as ‘unconstitutional’, and that there exists significant cause to conclude that the Constitution itself was a ruse, and was never an actual working ‘body of law’.  Hence, there exists controversy as to the nature of any Rights under the BILL OF RIGHTS, and any protections per the same.   The ‘guaranteed’ form of Republican Government set out in the Constitution, nevertheless, has been laid waste.

The Constitution for the United States of America was effectively set aside regardless of its origins, and the ‘federal Constitution’ per the incorporated DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, per the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CODE, was adopted by the legislatively-created CONGRESSIONAL CORPORATION.  The original Constitution and the CORPORATE CHARTERED CONSTITUTION are not the same, and it does not bear up under ‘original jurisdiction’ ‘law authority’ of the ‘states’ and People of “United States” republic.  With the abrogation of the ‘gold clause’ at Article I, Sect. 10 of the Constitution in 1933, and the “pledge” by the Governors assembled at the National Conference of Governors in 1932 of the people, property, assets, and future labor of thereof,  the removal of the lawful money standard of the states and people of the Union was assured.  This caused a reduction or diminution of the character of the lawful Government of the nation to that of a mere private person having corporate character, and created the foundation by which the people of the states would be subjugated and ‘procured’ as property of the newly reformed implied resultant equity trust, aka “UNITED STATES”.  The capacity, status, and standing of the people, at law, and in commerce, was totally reversed within a matter of years in relation to their government,…..and they did not even know it. 

That new ‘system’ or ‘government de facto, became our new collective ‘national identity’ and presumed ‘country’, still being called the “UNITED STATES”, but which character and nature completely changed from that of the original intent of the Founders.  The current UNITED STATES is NOT our de jure Republic Nation nor our “country” whatsoever.  The current UNITED STATES is a slave grid brought about by largely by commercial means, INDEBTEDNESS, ‘bank credit’ of the FRBS, and various aggregated CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS.  It belongs to foreign principals which operate visa vie the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA-UNITED STATES to assert absolute will and control over the American Union states, and People thereof, by any means necessary [Doctrine of Necessity and Def Facto Doctrine] to compel association [primarily by color of law, color of contract-agreement, and color of ‘waiver’ or ‘assent’] by the private people of the states with the FEDERAL CORPORATION_DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. 

Any compelled association is a violation, deprivation, denial, and contra-version of Rights under the BILL OF RIGHTS, but the ‘System’ has now operated de facto for so long, that everyone born and/or abiding within the exterior territorial limit of the continental UNITED STATES, or within any State, protectorate, possession, etc. thereof, is deemed to be a ‘U.S. ‘citizen’, and most are deemed to be both collateral property in NAME, as well as surety-guarantor for the UNITED STATES, both capacities being subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and authority thereof.  One capacity is ‘private’ and the other ‘public’, and they are ‘joined at the hip by signature conversion, ie. by ‘joinder’ to contract. 

By inducing everyone to register their children [as chattel surety or ‘property’] at birth, and by wrongly inducing application for federal [retirement]  benefits that people without the District of Columbia are not entitled to in the first place, those who have been registered by their parents are now deemed ‘procured’, ‘warehoused’, for ‘future distribution’ under authority of the US TREASURY, OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSET CONTROL, US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, and the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SYSTEM.  The SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER, CARD, AND NAME OF RECORD are property of the UNITED STATES, operate as a U.S. FRANCHISE TRUST AGENCY, and is also a TRANSMITTING UTILITY AND COMMERCIAL VESSEL under admiralty law.  In essence, it is a ‘VEHICLE’ which operates commercially, subject to ‘law of the Sea’ at all times, in commercial transport of ‘goods’ and which goods, include as a partial definition, the ‘unborn offspring of animals’.  That is what our/your Birth Certificate does once conveyed into the hands of the U.S. ‘government’ and those bankers who control it.    THAT is why ‘they’ need to get the People of the states to voluntarily ‘elect’ to come into the DISTRICT, become RES IDENT [aliens] [CORPORATE FRANCHISE ‘citizen’], give ‘cause’ for ‘presumption’ that one has ‘waived’ status, standing, capacity, original jurisdiction, national identity, and Rights under the BILL of RIGHTS, and thereby become subject to and object of the U.S. CORPORATION, which has been bankrupt and insolvent FOREVER.   By doing so, we become “subordinate” or ‘inferior” to the BEAST of the FEDERAL STATE, which is global in nature, inter-locking without the UNITED STATES, and with other ‘heads’ domiciled within other international foreign power centers like London and Rome.   FEDERAL means ‘corporate’.

Therefore, if one is ‘berth registered’ [an admiralty-maritime commercial term] and a ‘license holder’ to operate commercially [ie. Social Security, TIN, EIN, etc.], the real man is the executor, signatory, ‘compelled fiduciary’, or trustee of a U.S. TRUST FRANCHISE, which the U.S. owns.   That is the “U.S. person”  NAME appearing on all of your “licenses”, all  accounts of record, including all bank accounts, etc.  in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.   IT IS ALREADY U.S. PROPERTY, BY ACCOUNT, NAME, CONSTRUCTION, OWNERSHIP,  SURETYSHIP-PLEDGE-PROCUREMENT-BOND, AGREEMENT, ELECTION, OR  PRESUMED ‘WAIVER’ AND ‘ASSENT’.  IT IS A U.S. ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCY, and your signature is the fuel or the energy which gives it life.  Just read the notice on the backside of the ‘SSAN’ card to get the understanding.  Under such conditions, which are not disclosed or known to most everyone, you, the real man/woman, cease to exist as a ‘private’ lawful ‘man on the land’ when entered into commerce by your parents, under thrust of the 14th Amendment, and you have no private capacity that is acknowledged by the FEDERAL CORPORATION, that operates in your interest ‘outside’ or ‘without the UNITED STATES’, or ‘within the United States of America’.   Your private capacity is harnessed by the STATE for use for the benefit of the STATE, and/or its Principals.  The named beneficiary has no rights, and you, being affixed thereto, become the surety or obligor for a ‘U.S. PERSON’, having similar status equivalent to a WARD OF THE STATE.   It is incompetent to act without a surety or fiduciary executor, is deemed an ESTATE, and incompetent as a beneficiary of U.S. subsidized benefits.  IT is warehoused in commerce, as an incompetent, within and under the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SYSTEM, of which there exist ten ‘districts’.  ‘Birth [berth] Registration’ caused you as the real man to be re-flagged under the U.S. admiralty flag of the EXECUTIVE-COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, AND ENTERED INTO COMMERCIAL REGISTRY AS A ‘DELIVERY’ IN PROCESS OR ‘AWAITING’ DELIVERY, THEREBY BEING ‘WAREHOUSED’.    Once in the warehouse as “fungible” “commercial goods”, one is NOT a REAL man or woman, but is mischaracterized as a commodity or  ‘goods’ having mere commercial status.  Remember, the U.S. deems that it has the right to regulate [control] that which it subsidizes.  If you apply for Social-ist Security, you leave the Republic, and you go to a ‘foreign State’ to that of your ‘birth’.  If you are registered by your parents to the federal State, your parents ‘pledged’ you to the necessities and interests of the STATE, ie. UNITED STATES, for whatever purposes it so choses, even though they did not know it.  It is axiomatic:  ‘ALL PERSONS ARE RESPONSIBLE TO KNOW THE LAW”.   If one becomes ‘en-titled’ for federal benefits, as a matter of ‘OFFER-ACCEPTANCE TO CONTRACT’, even though one is not ‘within the DISTRICT’ except by birth registration, one is under a created presumption that one is ‘entitled’ to federal benefits, ie. retirement benefits, and therefore, one’s future labor and all one’s property become subject to the ‘regulatory authority’ of the UNITED STATES.  IT presumes to regulate that which it subsidizes.  Thing is, it is not YOU, which is ‘within the DOC, but the legal-fiction creation of the UNITED STATES, as a ‘U.S. PERSON’ and ‘federal citizen’, which has the same status, standing, and capacity as any U.S. CORPORATION.  “They” do not want anyone knowing these distinctions, or how to act privately, whatsoever.  …….ever.

This status, standing, and capacity results largely because you are deemed [by virtue of your various acts and those of your parents who registered you] to have willingly, voluntarily “elected”, granted, or given the U.S. exclusive control over your private affairs, your signature-BOND.  Once it is a matter of Record and Interest to the U.S., it matters not what you believe, say, or do, except perhaps within a special or restricted proceeding in admiralty to ‘withdraw’, ‘resign’, and/or ‘sever legal relations’ with the UNITED STATES.  From the time of Birth Registration and Social Security designation [now at birth], one is deemed to be fully a ‘U.S. citizen’ under the 14th Amendment, which status and capacity operates solely for the benefit of the undisclosed beneficiaries of the UNIITED STATES.  This UNITED STATES is the new reformed ‘resultant’ ‘implied’  ‘equity’ ‘public’ TRUST, that emerged after the ‘national emergency’ of 1929-34 under FDR, who was a 33rd Degree Freemason, along with Stalin and Churchill.  This implied “resultant” equity trust, calling itself the UNITED STATES, has NO RULES, since the failure of the People to protest the loss of their national money standard in 1933.  Once this failure to seek redress or protest was affirmed by the House and the Senate, the rest was history.  The American  People of the U.S.A.  became “incompetent” in the new commercial admiralty-contract law ‘fiat’ ‘debt as money’ System, under the FRB and the UST.  They ceased or  were caused to cease having capacity to ‘pay debts at law’, and could thereafter only ‘discharge obligations’.  “Payment” of A DEBT, and delivery of any ‘good consideration’ or expectation of ‘performance’ expressed in terms of ‘real money’ ceased to exist.  In fact, there has been nothing of substance at work within any colorable ‘contract’ except ‘bank credit’ since 1933, ie. ‘negotiable credit’ instruments…..including “legal tender”.  That’s  it.  The People ceased to have standing and capacity to handle their own affairs privately in/for their own interest or benefit, because they were induced or coerced into contracting for federal benefits over time, and lost their INHERITANCE.  Just like Esau and the ‘pot of poorage’.   By contracting for federal subsidy benefits,  the U.S. creates an alter ego, alias, legal-fiction FRANCHISE and a new identity for the one who’s real birth name and signature-bond is affixed or attached thereto.  If one has contracted for benefits with the UNITED STATES, one cannot contract for one’s self, nor act for one’s self, NOR BANK FOR ONE’S SELF.

U.S. ‘citizens’ , who are ‘residents’ or not, under thrust of the 14th Amendment, have NO RIGHT TO PROTEST OR OTHERWISE DISPUTE THE ‘PUBLIC DEBT’, and this includes how the debt is created, administrated, appropriated, discharged, ‘paid’, novated, amended, hypothecated, etc.   Presumably, this would also include no right to complain in any manner, seek redress, etc., or to attempt to ‘re-instate’ a national lawful money standard.  Hence, once one is in the  de facto ‘box’, the System is/was designed to keep one there, like the machine of the UNITED STATES itself, as a ‘DEBTOR IN PERPETUITY’ and a ‘DEBTOR IN POSSESSION’ under international bankruptcy “Law of Nations”.  This is a major element of what is going on with the theft of WANTA funds, the treatment of any ‘person’ who is deemed a federal ‘employee’, ‘officer’, official’ who is presumed deemed to be engaged in an excise taxable ‘privileged activity of a ‘trade or business’ inside the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.  That amounts to just about everyone involved in the PROGRAMS, DOES IT NOT?  ALL BUT A FEW, PERHAPS, AND THOSE FEW ARE ON THE ‘LIST’, BELIEVE ME.  Incompetents, or ‘wards’ of the STATE cannot act for themselves, and can only be deemed a ‘dependent’ of the STATE, which is what a Social Security ‘beneficiary’ is.  YOU are the one who is driving the substantial existence of the BENEFICIARY TRUST ESTATE VESSEL, which is owned and operated by the UNITED STATES/DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.  Those who have ‘rescinded’ or otherwise ‘resigned’ and ‘revoked’ administratively their legal relations to the UNITED STATES, after long arduous study, in an effort to ‘re-instate’ their original jurisdiction and ‘national identity’ have met with outright refusal of the U.S. to allow them to do so at every level.  IT does not want to deal with ‘enemies of the State’ within the united States of America, which is what all Americans were classified as under the amended TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT post-1933.  It also does not want anyone knowing about the provisional remedies under the FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITIES ACT, which acknowledge the status and capacity of ‘foreign nationals’ and their standing within the U.S. territorial admiralty courts to claim their foreign, sovereign, immunity to the UNITED STATES. 

IN SUMMARY:   Short of correcting the historical COMMERCIAL FRAUDS, ERRORS, and FACTS of the collective or individual past, including that of our ‘birth registration’ AND Socialist Security, if applicable, the U.S., AND ITS FOREIGN PRINCIPALS/CREDITORS, WILL NOT CEASE AND DESIST ACTING IN A MANNER fully consistent with their interest to the detriment of American recipients, because the U.S. already deems all receipts to be IT’s PROPERTY anyway.  In short, and crudely put, the U.S. CORPORATION, and the FRB, owners [even the new ones in CHINA], likely deem that all ‘U.S. recipients’ are no different than that described above, and have no absolute vested ‘Rights’ to such ‘real money’ funds in the first place.  We would be but mere ‘mules’ in commerce for transfer of ‘money’ which is a ‘commodity’ in commerce, and for serving as a ‘proxy’ for the actual ‘UNITED STATES’ or its FEDERAL TREASURY within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, WHICH TREASURY IS THE SOLE AUTHORITY OVER AND HOLDER OF ALL PROPERTY ASSETS WITHIN ANY U.S. BANK………ANY….EVERY….ALL.   NO WAY TO GET AROUND THAT CONCLUSION, FRIENDS, UNLESS THERE IS A CHANGE IN THE LAW FORM AND FORUM OF THE LEGAL MEANING AND DEFINITION OF THE ‘SOVEREIGN’ AUTHORITY OF THE ‘UNITED STATES’.    So, while jump starting a new global monetary system for all member Basel II nations, I perceive either a massive ‘debt collection’ scheme going on beneath what we have heard, or a massive but subtle effort to keep the American people ‘enfranchised’ in/under the CORPORATE UNITED STATES, as Bonding Agents and Obligors on all ‘obligations of the UNITED STATES’ by virtue of ‘residency’ and ‘taxpayer’ status.  I see the possibility that debt collection on the outstanding obligations of UST securities and FRN’s in circulation may be synonymous with the CHINA-MING, Monarchy, Saudi, et al. involvement in this entire thing.  If all obligations outstanding on the UST are to be honored “DOLLAR for dollar” in some ratio or proportion, then the next issue is ‘who’s burden’ is it to assure performance?  The U.S.?  WHO BACKS THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE U.S.?  Why, it’s ‘citizens’ ‘faith and credit’, pledged, and their ‘property’ and ‘future labor’, naturally.  The gist is this:   If one is ‘entitled’ to receive under some new regime of law, that remains to be seen.  Until then, one can only deal with ‘what is’ under the current, to-date, regime of law, and that means exactly what I have described above.  If the ‘law’ of it does not shift, there is no ‘cause’ to presume that funds will be any more or less ‘safe’ or free from conversion, diminution, seizure by or under any action of HLS or the UST for any reason it chooses at any time it chooses.    If real money needs to be loaded into federal corporate banks under authority and control of the UST as it presently exists, in order to pay its ‘creditors’ in ‘real money’, it makes perfect sense that the written instructions and all verbal inducements will elaborate such a strategy.  Once the ‘money’ is a matter of record, the ‘gold’ need not ever leave the vault, wherever it is.  It is simply a matter of doing the paperwork and computer work to shift the real value to the designated ‘creditor’ of Record, and leave the ‘depositor’, which is in the NAME OF THE UNITED STATES DE FACTO FRANCHISE TRUST ‘PERSON’, holding only whatever the UST converts the ‘real money’ into for ‘circulation’ ‘within the UNITED STATES’.  Read my lips….that means ‘within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA’, where Congress, the Executive, and the U.S. Courts are all domiciled.  Circulation ‘within the federal states’, by any means of ‘legal tender’ currency, issued on the UST, is still subject to the standard of Article I, Sect. 10.   If there is a conversion, the UST can just as easily diminish real value on a dollar per dollar basis and attribute some lesser ‘real’ value according to formula.  

Any transaction Account, of record, ‘activated’ in any U.S. bank upon signatured n.d. and ‘acceptance to contract’, under whatever terms and conditions, must of necessity within the current regime of commercial law and past bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, be treated in “accord and satisfaction” with the preceding or prior “obligations of the UNITED STATES”.  FRN’s are under Title 18 USC, an ‘obligation of the UNITED STATES’.  If all TREASURY SECURITIES HELD BY CHINA AND FOREIGN INVESTORS ARE EXPRESSED IN TERMS OF THE FEDERAL UST, WHICH IS OBLIGATED TO THE FRBS, AND IF THE INFLUX OF NEW ‘MONEY’ FUNDS ARE IN SOME MANNER INTENDED TO BECOME ‘SUBJECT TO’ OR ‘OF’ THESE OBLIGATIONS, WHICH ARE HELD BY FOREIGN’ INVESTORS OR ‘CREDITORS’, I CAN SEE THE MEANS BY WHICH A CONVERSION OF THE ‘REAL’ INTO THE ‘FICTION’ CAN OCCUR AGAIN, AND THE DEPOSITOR OR ‘OWNER’ CAN BE TREATED IN WHATEVER MANNER THE UST AND ITS CREDITORS DEEM ‘NECESSARY’.  AFTERALL, it is through the UST and its foreign and domestic principals, that  this entire artifice and scheme was brought upon the People since the late 1920’s in the first place.   The past may not be repeated presently, but my experience is that the past is always repeating itself.  So, we need to WAKE UP and LOOK UP.

Based upon my reading of the historical and current ‘law’, including most recent HLS and E.O. regulations, Congressional acts, etc., the U.S.-UST has since 1933 strictly reserved [to-date] the right to seize gold, silver, currency, money, and any other property within any U.S. bank [including that within safety deposit boxes], or to claim and seize property of any ‘U.S. person’ or ‘citizen’ for any purpose under conditions of ‘national emergency’.  If one is acting as only a ‘fiduciary’ executor on Account for the actual OWNER, which is the U.S. FRANCHISE TRUST ESTATE set up on/under one’s Social Security No. and NAME, ALL ONE IS DOING IS PLACING SAID FUNDS OF ‘REAL MONEY’ OF ‘EXCHANGE’ ON RECORD FOR THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION.  It can do with you and the ‘money’ whatever it wants under any alleged ‘cause’, in marcupial ‘courts’ which are not but commercial trading pits of the ‘statute staple’, tontine enterprise in admiralty-maritime venue and jurisdiction. And, IT will get away with it, because no one or few outside the U.S. really can ‘grok’ this level of deception who really care.   The People of the U.S.A. have been mules for the banksters and those principals foreign and domestic to these shores since Lincoln, but most especially since 1933.   Unless a FLUSH is announced, and a new or re-instated original ‘polical-law’ form is brought online in full force and effect before funding notices are received, or certainly before any action is taken thereon, all one is doing is making a direct deposit as a form of a grant or contribution into the charitable ‘public trust’ for the ‘public interest’ under ‘public policy’ for accord and satisfaction of the ‘public debt’.  REMEMBER, 14th Amendment ‘citizens’ only absolute ‘right’ is to ‘residency’ ‘within the United States’.  This is case law.  And, such ‘citizens’ do not enjoy any of the protections of the Bill of Rights, and are not entitled to any other Constitutional protection, including the right to ‘pay debts at law’ with ‘lawful money of the United States’.  If one has no Rights, and cannot protest the public debt, then what is it that one is doing by downloading ‘real money’ on deposit within any FEDERALLY CHARTERED, DOMESTIC OR FOREIGN ‘OWNED’ U.S. BANK, WHICH IS DOMICILED AS A CORPORATE FRANCHISE INSTRUMENTALITY OF CONGRESS AND THE UST INSIDE THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA??  IF THERE IS NO FLUSH, AND NO SUBSTANTIVE ANNOUNCEMENT AS HAS BEEN PROPHECIED, AND WHICH THIS WRITER MAKES NO  FURTHER COMMENT ABOUT, it is reasonable  to conclude that a ‘conversion’ of ‘real money’ funds on Account to fiat funds of some nature and ratio will be the case, and that these funds will be ‘backed’ only to a minimal degree by actual substance held within the UST.   If it is the intent of the architects of this entire charade to continue operating the UST as if it were a bona fide Treasury of the People, without also releasing the People from all prior “pledges”, liens, encumbrances, etc., or if by doing so, taking their ‘money’ as it is ‘activated’ for purposes that are too nefarious to describe herein, then the architects may not have conceived that after the time of numerous delays to-date, some of the People have figured some shit out, and know where the dirty laundry is within the law books and matters of record within state and federal legislative offices.     This writer is but a voice and a call in the wild……BE CAREFUL WHO YOU DEAL WITH, AND IF YOU ARE NOT CERTAIN OF THE JURISDICTION AND VENUE YOU ARE IN, WHAT YOUR STATUS AT LAW REALLY IS, AND WHAT THE STATUS OF THE BANK IS THAT YOU ARE BEING COMPELLED TO DEAL WITH, YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF WAITING AND DOING SOME DUE DILIGENCE.  FURTHERMORE, ANY ATTORNEY WHO IS BAR LICENSED, UNDER REGIME OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM IS DUTY BOUND TO ‘UPHOLD AND PROTECT THE PUBLIC INTEREST’ FIRST, THEN THE U.S. COURTS, THEN THE ‘BAR’ AND ‘BROTHERHOOD’, AND THEN THE CLIENT.  BE WARNED OF ATTORNERS WHO PRACTICE ‘ATTORNMENT’, WHICH IS ALL ABOUT THE CONVERSION OF PROPERTY RIGHTS for the benefit of the ‘Principal’.

It is too early to determine if recipients are mere ‘mules’ in commerce for an underlying enterprise and agenda that has been masked by various layers and means or not.  I can easily see how it could be.  NO ANNOUNCEMENT = no change in status or standing of the ‘recipient’ individual, no change in status or character of the UNIITED STATES or its ‘TREASURY’ or its commercial instrumentality banks.    In that case, one had better take heed of Poof’s advice and make ‘go’ your m.o, if ‘access’ is not limited to just the “UNITED STATES”.  WHAT DEFINITION TO ‘UNITED STATES’ IS MEANT WITHIN THE NOTIFICATION AND ACTIVATION DOCUMENTS?  WHAT IS THE LEGAL AND COMMERCIAL MEANING OF ALL THE WORDS, AND THE RELEVANT LAW UNDERLYING ALL OF IT?  IF IT DOES NOT PROVIDE FOR OR ALLOW A MEANING TO INCLUDE THE United States of America, I’d say this whole thing of NESARA is a blue goose.  An announcement over tv can be deceptive.  What matters is what’s on paper and what the legal commercial meaning of words IS.  Even if there is something like an announcement, one had better listen carefully and then ascertain what is behind it in law.  If there is a provisional and/or interim ‘government’ announced to be coming online as an effect of some deeper strata of ‘re-instatement’ and redress of grievances, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court decision of a few days ago denying that such redress is even a ‘writ’ by ‘petition’ any longer, I intend to pay attention and take things as they go, unless I perceive more smoke and mirrors.  The mule train for sacking in ‘real money of exchange’ is a likely reality, and those who hold U.S. Treasury securities, which are expressed in terms of ‘U.S. DOLLAR”/FRN’s, or any ‘legal tender’ fiat ‘currency’ or ‘Standard Currency Unit’ under regime of the legal tender laws, will have first dibs on whatever goes into and FEDERALLY ORGANIZED AND/OR CHARTERED U.S. BANK, which operate under the UST as ‘instrumentality’ of Congress, which also is ‘within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA/UNITED STATES.  WHICH UNITED STATES ARE THEY TRYING TO GIVE LIFE TO, AND WHAT ‘TREASURY’ ARE THEY TRYING TO COFFER UP?   WHO’S SUBSTANCE HAS BEEN AT WORK WITHIN THE PAST 150 YEARS, AND WHO’S SUBSTANCE IS IT GOING TO BE WHEN THE U.S. BANKING DUST SETTLES UPON ‘ACTIVATION’ AND ‘DEPOSIT’?????  If substance if not returned to the People, which includes their sacred Trust Rights with the Creator, under the laws of Heaven and Nature, I would suggest this matter be set to rest and treat it as a purely commercial venture or undertaking, and delete your ideological predisposition and prayerful intent that the Republic be revived any time soon.  Things are not going to improve without Divine Intervention, which may be the hidden ‘seed’ and ‘secret’ of this entire paradigm shift at this time.

Please remember, those who controlled the U.S. political-legal-monetary System, in order to further their intention to use the UNITED STATES to establish GLOBAL HEGEMONY had to harness the productivity, assets, and real ‘people’ past, present, and for future generations, as well as their status as ‘Prime Holders in Equity’ to the U.S.A., and “Principals’ thereof,    Harnessing and using the POWER OF THE PEOPLE is always at work, and without an ANNOUNCEMENT, one can draw one’s own conclusions quite simply put.  ‘They’, or some of ‘they’ are counting on everyone remaining in ignorance and not doing any due diligence.  Show me the ‘law’.  Then, I can make an informed decision.  Don’t presume anything, and don’t accept anything at ‘face’ value.  Deliberate and make informed decisions when at all possible.  NO ONE CAN COMPEL YOU TO CONTRACT, or to accept their terms and conditions.  IF there is no other provision for novating terms and condtions which are acceptable to you, then one must either accept on that basis or not.   Certainly, everyone should inquire about ‘allocated’ accounts, which segregates one’s funds on deposit from the run of the mill “bank asset” general slush.   Pray for a miracle, and expect one, but do not be shocked if one is delayed until the next lifetime.  LOL  Just receiving these funds under any condition is a miracle in and of itself.  Activate elsewhere if no announcement comes with or prior to.