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Casper Update: Jan. 15, 2008

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 Casper 1-15-08 11:52PM
We went to bed last evening (Monday) with, and arose with, "it's definitely today". 
Some packs from D.C. went out on multiple planes 6 p.m. yesterday to be positioned for today.
All seemed well.
By 9 a.m. this morning- all is not well.
"A twelve hour delay" says the first negative call.
"Not today, they are adding something to the packs" says the next call.
The third call was a doozy.
This important ally reports that CNBC/EUROPE has just reported (international television) that GOLDMAN SACHS is holding the U.S. Treasury's money and will not let go of it AND has been given until the middle of next month "to decide what to do".
Remember, this is the sewer which produced PAULSON and before him RUBIN. Talk about rats in a sack. What does this mean? We don't know. We are working on it. 
Given the lineage of the players and GOLDMAN'S lead role in the sale of U.S. debt instruments to world governments, central banks, etc. it can't be good news. 
Excuses regarding no deliveries yesterday are being recycled this a.m., i.e. deliveries are being held up while a "surprise" is added to the packs which is not the proceeds of the trade we reported last week but rather, to be more technically correct, the  return of funds advanced to banks as described below.  
We are also hearing that recent disclosure's may have influenced the content of the packs and has caused changes in what is delivered to our doors. Not only in the paperwork but the "negotiable's" as well.
PRESENTLY we are awaiting clearance to discuss this and the previous paragraph in more detail.
Well well well---> Just got clearance from "above" to discuss this:
 Five banks were ADVANCED 3T$  embezzled from our money before the trade even took place and were to pay it back from trade profits. The trade was caught, liened and confiscated. The BANKING COMMISSION ORDERED these monies (it's) to be returned to us and this is the "surprise" you may be hearing has been added to our packages and that is the  reason for this two day delay as deliveries are now rescheduled for tomorrow.
B ofA will take the most severe "hit" having to pay fines, interest and penalties on these stolen and illegally advanced funds. The criminal institutions involved are B of A., Wells Fargo, JP Morgan/Chase, Wachovia and CITI. They were counting on this illegal profit (trading other peoples money) to bail themselves out as in "dividing up the loot". The B of A "re-organization" reported here recently was announced on CNBC today. In view of the above even more severe consequences are expected for B ofA.
Boy, these domestic banks are looking more safe everyday don't you think?? hahaha.
In addition, the BANKING COMMISSION is the sheriff that uncovered the "advance" of our money to these banks and has demanded and effected its return and disbursements to us and ordered a 150% penalty on the 3T$ embezzled. The trade was for 17T$. Obviously they expected to "Get Well" on this one.
In addition, we hear, OUR TAXES and Wanta's taxes were paid into Treasury today. Also, another "sign-off" on Basel II occurred today which opens a new 72 hour delivery window which also covers the many deliveries which follow ours.  
The issue here, the loose end, is how did they get into our accounts, or at least our money, which has been "locked down" for some time, and how did they break the new codes and why would CHINA authorize these criminal activities resulting in expensive penalties on banks they control??  We don't know but we are going to find out.
All this takeover, this foreign capital, this unbelievable secret activity in the banking world and we have not even begun the CDS (credit swaps) writedowns which will likely exceed 250B and the insurance thereon another minimum 250B.
 We continue to be assured by multiple sources that Wanta can not ACCESS prior to our delivery and that the Goldman hanky panky will not influence our deliveries.
In addition, we are told of more packs having left D.C. at 5 p.m. today, unsure what they are.
Equity capital from Kuwait, Korea and Japan into CITI announced today on top of capital from Saudi Prince Alaweed, Abu Dhabi Sovereign Investment fund and China, not to mention additional massive fourth quarter write downs announced today.
CHINA, we hear, now owns CONTROLLING interest in all the banks mentioned above and that only they could have authorized the illegal trade placed by B ofA.
We also hear they are right now "stepping on" Goldman Sachs. They now have a monopoly in U.S. "big banks".
(There are different CHINA factions such as MING heirs and Peoples Republic (communist). Making analysis even more difficult --Leaders such as recently retired MADAME WU serve both entities. )
In addition, we are hearing the B ofA. acquisition of Countrywide is going to fall thru given the circumstances.
Bottom line? Deliveries tomorrow and more things going on than Carter has little liver pills.
                                          casper   1-15-08