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Casper Reply to Jan. 14, 2008 E-mail

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From:  Name Withheld

To: <>

Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008 1:18 PM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


Mr. Bellringer:

If you agree, please forward this to Casper asap.

Casper: When we go to B of A to receive packets, we feel insecure. Advise please.

Can a financial advisor go along or will this harm the non-disclosure requirements?

I want to take the packet home to read the 50 pages. What if the bank says I have to read it there and make deposits there? I hope to deposit in some other bank but hope not to have to discuss it with the bank.

If pin numbers for the cards are in the packet, when I walk out with the packet I could be held up and the cards with the pin numbers could be stolen.

Could a bank guard walk me to my car? They, too, know that major resources are in the packets.

The story line from the bank will sound like stern policies and we will want to do as told. We may be told that the checks MUST be deposited then and now. This type of conflict will be difficult to handle diplomaticaly. Any advice?

Did you read the bottom of Fourwinds10 item on the 13th - Commercial Banking and...It gives reasons to avoid B of A. Can you restate that argument more clearly?

Thanks !  (Name withheld)

(Reply from Casper, Jan. 14, 2008)

REPLY FROM: Casper 1-14-08
for (name withheld) in care of Fourwinds.
Answering your last question first:
 The article from "S" entitled "COMMERCIAL BANKING AND THE FEDERAL CORPORATE U.S." ( is one of the most important articles ever posted on FOURWINDS. It reminds me of the material presented in seminars by Dr. Eugene Sxxxxxxxx and others back in the eighty's, men who devoted major parts of their lives to bring a variety of truths to the American people such as the states never ratifying the Income Tax amendment and the irrefutable truth thereof. Most people who read these and similar things think it impossible their government could get away with such deceptions but they don't know the half of it. Our people are like sheep, blind sheep at that, not because they are stupid but because they are ignorant (without knowledge) and they find it inconceivable that the government, in collusion with the press, the multi-nationals, the CFR, the Globalist and others can and do mislead them to such an extreme, over many decades, that the people are last on the list of things to be taken into consideration. It's world government or bust and they are not going to pop their own balloon. Oh how I hope "S" is Schxxxxxx and that he is alive and well but yes or no, Mr. Bellringer would be wise to invite further commentary by "S".
What I am saying is, not only is the article correct but that there is so much more that could be told. His information applies to all banks in the current banking system not just B.of A.
Until last week we were convinced we were being directed into the new Treasury banks and therefore the corruption of the existing system would not apply and need not be discussed (in terms of access).
Then word came from Euro-Bankers that we are being directed into existing non-treasury banks led by B.of A. the most corrupt banking institution on the planet. Then the issue of who prepared the accompanying 50/60 pages of instructions arose and we heard, not from banking sources but from others, that BUSHES people did so and that it would even direct us to "projects" we must invest in. Other messengers have posted today saying that is untrue and we do so hope they are correct. As we mentioned yesterday we too have sources saying all will be completely safe domestically yet we really do have much "inside" info that others are slow to catch up with and sometimes never catch up with. An example from yesterdays various postings involves someone's "current" knowledge of the gold being moved into the U.S.. We divulged that a month ago including the amount and destination followed by a count of the Limo's arriving to see with their own eyes. When dealing with information as it unfolds, day by day, sometimes hour by hour it is not possible to be 110% correct with every word posted but using Intel posted over the last several days as an example, we now have five or more unrelated confirmations regarding the money movements described and matters of corruption involving BUSH/B. of A. etc.
Today the telephone mantra has been that deliveries began on the Pacific Rim this morning and would be here (U.S.) by 4p.m.. Our sources over there know of no deliveries and say they don't get deliveries in the context we think of them AND the FREEDOM packages are back in the Supreme Court this afternoon. We too expected deliveries today and once again it is a situation of massive disinformation on a world scale OR "stuff happens" and we will get to the bottom of it (no deliveries) ASAP.
AND SO: The two "knowns" are that B.of A. is a corrupt institution which cannot be trusted AND that common sense dictates banking safety assured by those who are making this happen. These are incongruent. What to do?? As stated, we don't know, we are unsure. A possible answer, a hoped for outcome, is that announcements will occur more or less simultaneous with deliveries to include, in order, a return to constitutional law, banking change to treasury under Basel II, new metals backed currency, debt forgiveness, demise of HLS/Income Tax/etc., a toilet flush in D.C. and more ( suitcase) and we have reason to believe in all this. How to reconcile this positive vision with appointments at corrupt bank?? Perhaps we will be directed to B.A. private banking owned by CHINA, as is Wells Fargo and others, and safety has been provided for there.
As to your questions about face to face discomforts our information that you/we can walk out with packs without conflict comes from on high (banking) AND that they expect MOST of us to walk out with packs for review at home and to then call back for appointment-or not-as we are free to go to any other bank here or abroad. Remember, Farm Claim recipients and program recipients which precede F.C. ( Jones, Savage, Taylor, Lamplighter, etc. etc.) are quite elderly now and these folks simply can't travel to Europe. Our side knows this and if I had to bet my last pair of underwear I would bet they have made things safe for this group and everyone else. Others say no, go offshore no matter what. We will have our stuff in hand, at home and able to watch and listen and decide without pressure. I don't know the answer to your other two questions.
I hope this helps you, your client and others.
                            casper   1-14-08 
PS:  Freedom Packages (and much more) Left D.C. at 6 PM  today 1/14.  Deliveries tomorrow.  Pending no further interference.
PPS: We are advised that paperwork for our International Passports, Diplomatic Immunity and Intl. Driver Licenses are in the packs also.