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Poof Report: Jan. 13, 2008

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Subject: Watch for It

Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 16:07:52 -0500 You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover

(Willie Dixon) 1962

You can't judge an apple by looking at a tree,

You can't judge honey by looking at the bee,

You can't judge a daughter by looking at the mother,

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

Oh can't you see,

Oh you misjudge me,

I look like a farmer,

But I'm a lover,

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

Oh come on in closer baby,

Hear what else I gotta say!

You got your radio turned down too low,

Turn it up!

You can't judge sugar by looking at the cane,

You can't judge a woman by looking at her man,

You can't judge a sister by looking at her brother,

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

Oh can't you see,

Oh you misjudge me,

I look like a farmer,

But I'm a Lover,

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

You can't judge a fish by lookin' in the pond,

You can't judge right from looking at the wrong,

You can't judge one by looking at the other,

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

Oh can't you see,

Oh you misjudge me,

I look like a farmer,

But I'm a lover,

You can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

Greetings and Salutations,

If it weren't for the fact, packies haven't hit you

folks full on yet, I wouldn't be doing this

newsletter. I made a promise to you all, long ago, and

I will fulfill it.

I see, even ms '' has 'had it' with

the mis dis being generated out here. I actually had

to chuckle to myself, might know she was a bit

exercised since she didn't even spend the time to edit

her message. Bravo! No amount of flapping of the gums

will suffice for personal experience. She has always

spoken quite accurately about where the gold was, the

nesara crowd think they were bringing into this

country. I now have intel that says that gold is now

coming in and is either here now or will shortly be

here. I kept asking the question, no matter who said

it, where's the gold coming from, that 'you all' keep

saying is coming into the country to support this new

treasury. I kept watching bullion being shipped

everywhere, but here. 16 metric tonnes out of the

philipines, rerouted to austria from the us, another

10 from dubai to europe, instead of the us, as

orginally intended. It's pretty obvious something's

afoot, since china opened it's gold exchange, gold

broke thru $900 the other day. While gold is big gift

item for a new year, in china, this time, it's a lot

more than the usual. Wooo and look at silver go! 16

bucks for an oz! And mr bernake doesn't see a

recession or depression, the man must be blind. He

can't know more than goldman sachs or morgan stanley,

give us all a break and speak the truth, I dare ya.

Whomever ascribed to me, saying BoA was trading our

funds, clearly hasn't read a word I've written. BoA is

the contract bank for people that choose to access in

the us, not the 'holders' of our funds. They signed

that contract in germany a couple of years back, just

like all the other banks in europe, who signed docs to

handle program funds, of those who choose to access

thru them, along with certain asian banks. Our funds

remain in europe, accessible only thru the

distribution center in germany. This can only be

ignorance as not even the bankers in BoA, would back

that statement up, they know better, as happy as the

ceo was when he signed that contract. Don't think for

a second 'poof' don't know what's happening out

here...some of you know from 'the sword of truth', I

will slice and dice your crap if you start feeding

these people a bunch of crap. You can believe what you

want, I personally don't care, but don't be messing

with these folks' future. They have free will to do as

they choose but not because they don't have the truth


I got more input for ya. Remember how I kept telling

you Brussels is the bottem line on all this money

movement stuff and behind that were the heads of the

foundation from where it all comes from? Well, those

representives, are what are called the lien holders,

our benefactors. It's their money, technically. The

bankers had to sign contracts to handle 'their'

business. Now what would happen if you contracted

someone to do a job for you and they kept 'messing up'

and giving some excuse for why the job was incomplete?

In other words, everyone below the lien holders are

contractors, either perform your job, or we'll do what

anyone else would do to someone, lacking in

performance. They aren't trying to hear, some banks or

some banker or trustees, messed you up. You said you

could get it done, no matter what, and that's all they

want to hear. To say they have been angry, would be a

gross understatement, and that dissatisfaction is well

understood and clearly heard. This is my world and the

path thru which I entered this. Why I've always told

you, 'no matter what', you'd get your money. Whether

you know someone who's received or not, is not my

problem, I know many lenders right around you who have

and their friends are not putting that stuff out on

the web for you to read. Matter of fact, those who do

know, are still waiting for their own just like you

and me. Knowing that, still hasn't reduced their

tension levels of 'when are they going to get to me'.

Information only serves in the moment because as time

passes, doubt will creep back in, disrupting whatever

sense of peace you may have gotten when your friend

received. Last week I told you the D9's are on the

move, so try and let them clean the way to your door,

as the time is now. No way, Brussels, the principals,

or anyone else, wants to call the owners giving any

further excuses. Of course, if you're an american, you

just have a hard time, understanding the world really

runs that way.

I give an advisory to anyone opening their mouth

talking about these folks; you'd rather slap your

momma then start uninformed conversations about the

'dragons' or anyone else out here, you really have no

personal knowlege of. Matter of fact, even junior has

gotten the education from hell about, smack talking

the wrong people in this world, something his momma

should have schooled him on growing up. Law and rules

are for the 'citizens', not for they who run things,

can't believe some you haven't figured that out yet.

They are behind you getting this money because it

serves a larger purpose and not the political right

wing's, either. The neo cons have been 'advised'.

"Jump on iran, at your own peril".

Delivery is already in motion, which is why I just

hoped they'd hit my addy before I had to write this,

so the silence would inspire you to be ready. Not

until you get out of this atmosphere will you

understand the bulk of my newsletters. They been using

tech on americans, hard, since 2000, this kind of grey

crap that floats in the air, which I call dummy fog.

Some of us are immune to it so, no matter what they do

or how hard they try, it doesn't penetrate out

psyches, we can still clearly see what they are doing.

We are the folks they want in their little camps, so

we don't infect their purpose, enslavement of the

masses. They already are making people think Obama is

a moslem, because they know you won't do your

homework. You'll just accept the spin, never thinking

for a second he has 'funny names' because his dad was

a moslem from Kenya. Damn, should've named him 'Bob'!

That goes for you folks that think ships are going to

save us too! I got news for ya, but I'm not going

there now. Catch up with some of you in europe. The

rest, good luck, with junior splitting office,

prematurely. I remember some bird several years ago

that was going to cut me out of receiving what was

mine, too. Man, there's some huge, huge egos, out

here. What are they going to do now, since the gold

was melted down and is about to be transported back

into the states? Take credit for that too? Sheesh!

I will be reaching you folks asap, that have aked me

for consultations, which remain available upon

request, I appreciate all of you that have maintained

your faith in these words, your reward is with you, as

you await the door knock. We have much work to do,

after we take a much need rest in preparation for it.

Donations are appreciated and needed at


Love and Kisses,