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Casper Update: Jan. 13, 2008

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Casper, Jan. 13, 2008
Now that the final contingent of VIP "signers" have arrived from way way over yonder and done their thing and deliveries are imminent we are feeling compelled to tell you whatever we know or think regarding access as this is now to be front and center in your life and ours.
The truth is we don't actually know much more than you on this subject. We have vascillated back and forth as new Intel has arrived, as you well know, always giving you the information and our thinking as it occurred.
Lets review the choices:
        !. Go to the designated bank, meet with the banker and activate/deposit as instructed by him and the bank he works for.
        2. Go into the bank, pick up your package and leave. Go to a different bank across the street or across the ocean to do your business.
        3. Demand that the very large checks be broken down into as many 100k checks as necessary and deposit to many banks, credit unions, s&l's, etc..
         4. Borrow from the designated bank, or any other bank you decide to go to, using the large checks as collateral leaving the bank with the "depository responsibilities".
         5. Use the immediately accessible cards ( six figures), wait for announcements and for the dust to settle before making the bigger decision.
Our many sources who are truly friends are split in their advice to us. We have FRIENDS in Treasury and many FRIENDS in B.A. coast to coast and over there as well. What can we say to you when their advice to us is split?
What can we say after we learn that BUSHES BUNNIES prepared the instructions and the lead U.S. bank has been involved in helping BUSH move money stolen from us/you. In view of recent disclosures the bankers can reasonably be expected to have at the ready whatever storyline they have settled on this weekend making decisions even more difficult.
"Wait for the package, read the package" has always seemed to us a reasonable approach. Now we don't know whether the package itself is an instrument of deception.We have highly placed FRIENDS who are upset that we would think they would allow anything other than complete safety after all the hard work to bring us to this point. We have other FRIENDS who say they need the big checks deposited as instructed to kickstart Basel II and Treasury banking. We have other FRIENDS who say no banking at B.A. no matter what. 
 Could it be that B.A. (22 states) and our other designated banks are Treasury? Have the Chinese and other creditor nations foreclosed upon the U.S. CORPORATE GOVERNMENT and our banks and the announcements will explain why banks unsafe yesterday are suddenly safe today?
Is this the beginning of the cashless monetary system, the cards "the mark of the beast" and we the Judas's ?
We don't know. This reporter was, in a previous business incarnation, a SECURITIES BROKER/DEALER and is just as confused as you must be.  
Our last minute advice is to be very very alert AND open minded, to listen to the announcements and to the bankers "sales pitch", to be in no hurry to act, to seek counsel where ever available and allowed, to pray about it, and to listen to all advice before taking any advice.
Good luck and God speed. 
                      casper   1-13-08