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Casper Update: Jan. 12, 2008

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Casper 1-12-08
The SHYSTER'S are quite upset that their filthy laundry and most intimate secrets are being washed and discussed in public.
 Disclosures such as B.ofA.'s participation in the movement of stolen money to offshore accounts by BUSH/PAULSON seems an especially sensitive subject with them. 
They have resorted to threats of a physical nature against some of our allies the record of which is being lodged in the appropriate places. 
The content of yesterdays update has a life of it's own now and BIG people who were heretofore sitting complacently on the sidelines are now involved and running with the ball. Like pulling the thread of a sweater their dirty little secrets are unraveling for important witnesses to see.
Did you catch the article on FOURWINDS regarding CHINA'S nine billion into CITI.  Now we understand remarks from over the pond last week that CHINA is controlling all banking in the U.S. right now. Remember, six or more months ago we were told and told you that it was CHINA which paid off the previous owners of the FED RES.
WE "little people" have had quite enough of the lie's and underhanded dealings and deaths of friends caused by these snakes in bankers uniforms.  Fires have been lit in many places now and failure to deliver will result in a firestorm of unmanageable proportions we hear.
                        casper    1-12-08 
PS: We are back on go. If not this weekend then Monday or Tuesday.