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Casper Update: Jan. 11, 2008 (Updated--with 3rd update Jan. 11, 2008)

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We often say "we don't know everything". Today we are wondering if we know anything.
Our "sources" have been built up over many years and most are now friends. Many are in the programs, therefore we have common interest with many sources around the world even though we don't know them personally.
Our sources are widespread and diverse, i.e. here and there and way over there and are bankers, lawyers, judges, military, trustees, investors, and on and on and on and you get the picture.
It is inconceivable, as a general statement, that our sources would lie to us. And so, when things don't happen as expected one of two things are responsible. The first, although possible, is unlikely i.e. that "they" are so capable of spreading disinformation that all sources, within every involved discipline, worldwide, simultaneously, buys into and then repeats to us the "dis-info du jour" which we then regurgitate to you. The second and far more likely scenario is that "stuff happens", sometimes on levels which have little or nothing to do with us and yet delayed deliveries are the outcome. Examples are theft and retrieval of funds, readiness of banks, readiness of new banking systems, interference from BUSH or others, economic/political warfare between power centers, liquidity, audits, codes safe and operable, and on and on and on the list goes.
Deliveries were supposed to be today. For sure. For certain. They were to begin at 10 a.m. central. This intell came from widespread and diverse sources. This intell was accurate we think. What happened ???
Are you ready for this ?? CHINA/MING stopped it.
 After disparaging BUSH/PAULSON et al for the illegal trading of our funds they put our money, all money into trade last night intending to use the profits to fund B.A.'s acquisition of Countrywide and clean up some problems inside CITI. They got caught. The trade has been liened and will likely be abandoned as a result. Their response? "Now that we have been caught we will get the packs out immediately". Bullchit. Our "friends" the Chinese can no longer be trusted. Remember, they own B.A. private banking. Remember, B.A. has the U.S. funds distribution contract obtained from Chase a decade ago when Rocky got caught with both hands in OUR cookie jar when B.A. was Nations/Charlotte before merging with and changing their name to B.A..
The packs to be delivered today supposedly contained two large checks which we were to deposit in the B.of A. bank we are being directed into-----NOT THE 29 TREASURY BANKS AS EXPECTED.
That was a big red flag we learned about late last night, now comes the news that the OWNER of this well known totally corrupt C.I.A. institution is trading our funds for self enrichment while simultaneously expecting us to deposit the checks with them thereby, we think, we are fairly sure, giving them access to our accounts.
Then we learn, from other sources, that the 50 to 60 pages of "instructions" contained in the packages at the door or awaiting our arrival at the banks were prepared by BUSH'S people not someone concerned with our interest. No wonder there is so much secrecy. No wonder lie's fly like confetti all through the banks here and over there.
WE have been told before that CHINA and even BRUSSELS were involved in the delays and chose to bury our (my) head in the sand because, after all, somebody is on our side, surely, or we would not be receiving at all. No doubt there are aspects of this we cannot see and do not understand. What we do see is, at a minimum, the appearance of corruption and entrapment by the lead bank in the U.S. in collaboration with BUSH and, we are sorry to say, the MING. 
What next? What now? Lord only knows.
Our GUESS is that this was/is a last minute scamming operation approved by the "powers that be" for the purpose of feathering their own nest. Fortunately "WE" have allies who are capable of blocking these attempted trades and they have done so. They may go ahead and deliver the packs this weekend or they may not. There has been talk that "they" need the big checks deposited to actually kickstart Basel II. Under the circumstances how can we?? WE must "flip-flop" again, advising you to go to your designated bank, pick up your package and boogie right on out of there. Use your two immediately accessible cards (six figures) to go offshore and deposit your big checks and do your accessing there. Remember that the banker you meet with is unlikely to know any of this so don't take it out on him. He MUST give you your package. He has no choice. Be polite, take your pack and go. Naturally the shyster's will read this also so expect them to come up with some superfluous garbage storyline.
If you hear, for example, about another 20T in recovered funds which had to be downloaded, that is true but unrelated to this blockage of deliveries. Also, we have said before that it was the Peoples Republic which bought B.A. private banking, today we are informed it was the MING.
If there is a better or more accurate or more enlightened interpretation of the overnight events described herein please bring it forward.  
And to LEWIS at B.A., the DRS (dirty rotten scoundrels) at CITI and especially to the MING and BUSH  we say; What you have done, and continue to do, to hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens, is just about the sorriest, sickest, cruelest most despicable acts imaginable, and you are waist deep in other people's blood, whether you realize it or not. All you are accomplishing is to convince all of us, including your own employee's, is to take all funds offshore and to stay as far away from you as humanly possible. If you had a lick of common sense, any of you idiots, you would not have alienated this particular customer base.
                        casper   1-11-08
Casper 1-11-08 2nd update
p.s. Late word commeth from deep within the bowels of Bank America that they have used   OUR MONEY   to buy Countrywide.
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Casper 1-11-08 3rd update
p.p.s. The Federal Banking Commission has been notified of the illegal activities of Bank America today and they say they WILL investigate. Well known attorney's have been contacted who say this appears to be a clear-cut case of embezzlement and they are looking into the circumstances with a view to a class action lawsuit against Bank America AND the Banking Commission if they fail to act.