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Casper Update: Jan. 9, 2008

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We thought sure we were done with these updates yesterday.
CITI didn't take care of business or Wanta as instructed resulting in "closure orders" and seizing of their assets as threatened.
They are to suffer a "reorganization" as a result as will B.of A. shortly.
They appear to have intended a last minute theft of the Wanta funds as GW stopped by N.Y.before departing for Israel only to find the computers frozen early evening yesterday.
The best laid plans of rats in a sack thwarted again. Very important banking meetings have been underway in Europe all day and tonight dealing with this crisis of domestic bank closure's beginning with today's activities at CITI and the approaching closure of B.ofA. (employees will be protected).
This is "home office/top management" stuff. Only the very top officials at B.A. know about this and have yet to inform their management teams (according to half a dozen Euro Bankers providing us this information). 
The deliveries are delayed until tomorrow and the breaking news regarding D.C. scandals, possibly including the "suitcase", are rescheduled for Friday.
Announcements will likely be continuous through the weekend after beginning  tomorrow night or Friday as they endeavor to preclude a run on the banks Monday by force feeding the public enough info to calm the waters.
We hear Laura is off to Dubai having said goodbye to friends, not with GW but to get away from he and CONDI.  Speaking of which, STORY should be alert to their relationship and understand that anything coming out of STATE is likely a gambit.
STORY'S update today, reminiscent (in volume) to "War and Peace" or "Tragedy and Hope" refers several times to "special ops" this and special ops that. We hear there are special ops from several countries here in America to assist with these changes, help avoid civil uprising (against D.C. we presume) and to assist with the exposures, arrest, etc..
His extremely detailed analysis of the PAULSON AFFAIR has changed no minds in our world. Our sources say the man is deceased and their attempts to "keep him alive" has to do with the possible need for him to personally access certain accounts.
Our sources also say that all accounts in PAULSON'S name worldwide "are just as dead as he is".  Our Intel on this subject gets stronger with each passing day.
Regarding tonight's update on fourwinds from Brendan the Brussels Banker, we presume (and we hope) he is referring to the offshore and the IMF as our news says tomorrow.
Again, BEST WISHES and please remember
                        Casper    1-09-08.