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Casper Update: Jan. 8, 2008

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It's on the move. Its happening.
Bush had once again pulled the Freedom packs back to the S. Court last night and again blocked everything. The response today was for the Basel II authorities, China and others to order the closing and lock down of U.S. banks which had signed onto Basel II.  CITI was simultaneously ordered to pay Wanta today or be closed tonight (permanently). Rubin tried everything to delay, in the end Bush told CITI to pay rather than be closed and they did.. Freedom went back out mid-afternoon and deliveries are expected tomorrow and banking begins Thursday. Announcements within hours of delivery beginning with the Constitution. Bush was informed he would not be able to access the stolen funds in Israel and Dubai and two other locations which was the primary purpose of his trip. He went ballistic, ranting and raving only to be told "this is it, all U.S. banks under Basel II will be closed if you don't comply right now". Apparently he got the message this time.  All those T's will be returned to us from the secret accounts which were in Paulsons name (Israel) and, we hear, LAURA'S name in (Dubai).
Our intell is that the PAULSON you see on T.V. is a clone. We do not get our intell from STORY, but we hear STORY was correct that BUSH had Paulson whacked due to blackmail probably involving the accounts over there which were in Paulson's name. Hollywood must be in the know as today's soap, Days Of Our Lives, was all about downloading the content of a dead man's brain. WE have this intell from many sources including Military and, we hear, Bush has said as much with his own mouth (Paulson deceased).
 Thanks to the gentleman who suggested voice and video analysis of Paulson "before and after". We hear it is being done now.
Two accessible cards at the door, major immediate liquidity at the bank. WE hear domestic banking (Treasury/Basel II) is completely safe but each must decide for self.
This should be the end of this long and very difficult road and the beginning of a new life for all of us. Please remember and remember that you can't take it with you. After family and self lets all be "our brothers keeper". Perhaps the time has come for folks with good intentions and interesting plans to step forward, make themselves known and to guide recipients into the good works you have been thinking about for years. BEST WISHES to everyone.
                           casper   1-08-08