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Casper Update: Jan. 3, 2008

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Casper 1-03-08
BUSH was confronted today with the death of PAULSON.
 "That's a lie" says he.
"Well, produce him" says we.
"I can't" says he, "he's sick".
"Yes, dead men are usually sick before they die", says we.
"Can you produce the FIVE CHENEY assistants who have been shot"?
The three administration people arrested per STORY update were taken to the Hague.
BUSH mumbled something about an instant recession "IF".
The current RUMOR in D.C. is that PAULSON has already been cremated to preclude the truth coming out.
Certain KEY packages left the Sup. Ct. yesterday afternoon but went to Charlotte rather than to us and were returned to the Sup. Ct. early evening yesterday, back out of Sup. Ct. this afternoon, this time did not go to Charlotte.
We are to be in the banks Monday. Delv now till then. Announcements with or right behind delv's.  72 hour non-disc we hear.
Don't violate even though it is entirely illegal per the Wld. Court.
Don't use enclosed cards til after announcements.
OK to deposit enclosed check. IMF and their "projects" next week.
We believe all the above to be accurate and completely current news.
It's not a guess but it's not guaranteed either.
                   casper   1-03-08 
p.s.   PLEASE   remember