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Casper Update: Dec. 30, 2007

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 The newspaper says an arsonist set fire to Senior's former home (now a museum) in Odessa, Texas in the wee hours of Thursday morning. The rumor du jour for that and the previous day, however, first came from London, later from China and Australia that Jr., upon his return to the ranch from Camp David where he spent Christmas day, found a severed horse's head in his bed. Now, several days later, sources continue to report that this is true, literally. Friday week ago more funds, very substantial funds, were again moved illegally (stolen) and were not fully recovered until Wed. the 26th. The "changing of the cards", and the amounts thereon continued through Friday the 28th leaving all sources thoroughly confused. It appears that new cards are constantly being added and will likely be held at the banks pending our arrival.
Basel II is, we hear, still scheduled for the 1st and, we hear, announcements no later than Thursday night. This would mean deliveries before then with some sources saying today, some Monday. The "grapevine" information about the 7th, week of the 7th, all done by the 15th is true, we hear, but includes all those programs which follow us worldwide including completion of banking appointments. There are very major threats against "the system", against "the establishment", if current schedules are not met and the refrain of "or else" is now commonplace. As best we can read the tea leaves we should receive today or tomorrow with bank appointments beginning the 3rd. There are great quantities of Intel gathered over several recent days supporting this our "best guess".
The Chinese are very heavily involved now having sent a large contingent to the U.S. last weekend. Remember, it was the Ming dynasty heirs who provided the "bridge financing" to constitutional Treasury and China which moved Wanta's money into the U.S. in 2006 and subsequently bought B.A. private banking from Q & Merkle. We don't understand all that we know about this stuff except to say that all signals over a long period of time point to China supporting the American people and their return to their constitutional government at the expense of the unconstitutional corporate U.S. (literally incorporated) and their illuminati new world order allies which are the Fed Res, the banks, the multi-nationals, Carlyle, CFR, Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton??, Cheney, Paulson, Chertoff and most of Congress all of which have cooperated in the sellout of their country in pursuit of money and power. Oh were it possible to do a data dump from the minds of those who know to the minds of those who don't they would all be swinging from the yard arms by dark thirty.
We hear the dozen or so who received in Italy last week can not access until we receive.
We don't know everything but we do know some things best left out at this moment. We, like STORY, are trying to be reasonable and give them time to do it according to plan and to be aware that "prying eyes" read these updates.
                   Casper   12-30-07