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Gordon Emmet

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Merry Christmas!   Praise God for the blessings,

God is pouring upon God's people.

Let us all put a smile on our face and be thankful.

Subject: Update FYI Believe it or not.

Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 05:13:14 +0000


While we are being told two different stories regarding delivery times, the fact remains, anything is possible. We WILL NOT have large fund access until AFTER Jan 1st for certain. Your pkg is most likely going to be at the bank with all the goodies in it rather than a door delivery. You will be free to take that pkg to whatever [other] bank you want. Your expected Notification letter will have a phone number to call for your appointment, etc. as we are told.

That info remains consistent in most corners.WHAT IS NOT CONSISTENT is the ACTUAL delivery time frame for a notification letter.

We are hearing from various corners a wider timeframe for these letters. Dates are anything and everything from "now" to Jan 15th or so (and for a few "trailing" programs not part of the Omega bundle but in the 200 plus programs being moved out) their letters will not be sent until closer to the end of January.Some are saying the O letter will come AFTER Jan 1st [or the] 15th, others think "now" yet, before Christmas and thru next week. The more likely is, IF they DO intend for us to have a letter before January 1st, it would come [after Christmas] rather than this long Christmas weekend, and it would be only a notification letter.

Whatever happens, however it unfolds and when ever it comes, KNOW we are almost there for funds in hand.

Trustees [were] funded and organized in late 2007 and Lenders access in early 2008. HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRSTMAS.. A WONDERFUL CELEBRATION...

We ARE at the door from all reporting corners.

Hugs - [Punch]