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Casper Update: Dec. 21, 2007

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Deliveries are expected today.
 The SHOWDOWN resulted in extraordinarily severe threats from CHINA to GW/PAULSON which, we hear, caused them to fold and release WANTA's funds and our deliveries. Afterwards Madame WU was able to make final signoffs for CHINA which should result in deliveries today after ANOTHER worldwide release at 5p.m. yesterday.
Another problem has been that GW and his banking allies once again put the one and one half percent MANDATORY banking fee's back into the banking paperwork even though the Wld. Court had ruled against this 6 months ago. These criminals never quit. It has been discovered and is being removed from the paperwork in the 29 banks where we will be sent to access. There is nothing wrong or unusual about private banking/asset management fees, but it cannot legally be imposed upon us without an affirmative decision on our part. Read the paperwork. Read the small print. Don't let anyone rush you. Banking appt.'s will be after Jan. 1st.. Use cards in package as instructed. Don't use other cards-as instructed. 
The on/off issue is not settled. If the 29 banks were cooperating in the mandatory 1 1/2%, only to be stopped-again-can they be trusted at all ?? Does the deposit of the treasury checks, whether in this delivery or held at bank awaiting our arrival, give them access to our accounts illegally. We speak with many bankers. Big bankers. Most are friends and many are in the programs. They have split opinions just as all of us do. It appears that these 29 are separate and apart from regular Fed Res banks and are the ABC (American Banking Central). Paperwork and announcements may make them safe---or not. Even in our most immediate circle opinions are split due this latest attempt to illegally lock in the 1 1/2 points (annually). What if this were designed to apply to all funds-even the offshore funds? On the other hand, what if offshore access means we face HLS trying to repatriate funds?  Some say Basel II makes these banks totally safe. Others say if they are safe they would not have participated in this latest scam. We must "crawfish" (swim backwards) on previous opinion that they are safe. Our position now is that we simply don't know.
We hear the big trust has passed the point of no return, is open and will not close again.
We hear we will be under the new banking system after Jan. 1st and that's why no banking appointments till then. For safety's sake the big cards and checks may be held at the banks awaiting our arrival. If this is so and you have decided to access offshore just walk in get your stuff and leave. If the entire package is delivered today as some sources say, not just the limited temporary cards, instructions will say which cards to access and which not to touch-yet. At the bank we will be shown all we have coming, on and off, and decisions might be best made at that time. In view of delays this week those IMF folks with banking appt's yesterday were also delayed and we hear they will receive their limited temporary funds next wed/thurs., banking early Jan. following us.
We hear the BUSH/Clinton crime syndicate have had ALL their program money confiscated. MERRY CHRISTMAS BOYS.
Much "chatter" everyday involving CHINA, WLD. COURT, CITI, WANTA, BRUSSELS, IMF, GW/PAULSON, BANKS, etc.,,,,to vague to go into here.
Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, Merkle meeting apart from E.U. and ECB leaving the impression of a split with Brussels. All is quiet on the PROVOST/military front.
Once into the holiday season, due to successful stalling tactic's by GW, putting off announcements etc. till early January apparently became a necessity.
                    MERRY CHRISTMAS
                  casper   12-21-07