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Casper Update: Dec. 19, 2007

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The happy talk group, which is most everyone now days, has had deliveries everyday this week with one day delays occurring everyday and that is again true this very day. "we" are of course tapped into that Intel as well getting it day after day, night after night with "guarantee's" for the following day. And we do so want to believe it will yet be true even for tomorrow. The conflicting Intel remains just as prevalent and as the days without success tick by one must continue to question which is correct. GW and Paulson continue to "brag" that they have everything blocked.
The wonderful e-mail from Brendan the Brussels Banker has been traced by some domestic bankers to Wash. D.C. calling into question it's authenticity. 
Wanta continues to be stiffed according to the STORY update this
 Rumors say Cheney's records were in the burning bldg. this morning, a repeat of the demise of the CIA torture tapes.
We can find no help coming from Europe to overcome these daily delays.
It was seen on BBC this morning, AMERICAN BANKING CENTRAL (ABC) has been set up to replace the Fed Res.....We hear the 500B from the Fed Res to prop up euro-banks announced yesterday on CNBC was Wanta's money and has been cancelled. IMF countries have been paid on the computer but can not access.
CITI BANK issued threats this morning that any bank or banker helping us will suffer severe retribution. Remember, this is the language used on the Fed. Judges. The lawyers, OUR lawyers-referred to in the Sunday update-were bribed. We hear that little disclosure caused "all hell to break loose". STORY'S reference to 1600 accounts at CITI is true. We hear these are SLUSH FUND ACCOUNTS containing PAYOFFS to the entire upper tier of GOVT including THE JOINT CHIEFS of STAFF and POLITICIANS.
It appears the SHOWDOWN is ongoing with the bad guys continuing to stall and block supposedly seeking the closing of the World Trust for the season. The series of events described by STORY and by us does not indicate gamesmanship or misunderstandings of Intel info, i.e. happy talk vs negative news, but rather the most serious ongoing all out everything at stake warfare with BUSH and the bribed criminals running our nation under the "color of law". The Freedom packs are in the Supreme Court and we question whether they ever left there as we were informed yesterday. A news blurb yesterday had Clinton/Burkle funds located in the Cayman Islands the meaning of which is unknown to us.
You know the facts as they currently exist. You can read and analyze these updates, the STORY updates and the happy talk updates as well as we can. Then you can join us in prayer that the happy talk folks are correct and that somebody somewhere has the power and/or authority to squash the evil doer's in D.C. and to save our funding, our country and the world.
                      casper   12-19-07