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Casper Update: Dec. 16, 2007

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Well, its Sunday. Again.

The good news is in-bank activity of trustee's continues this weekend and the happy talk folks in Europe continue to talk happily. The bad news is the packs which left Charlotte Friday night were returned to the Supreme Court on orders of G.W. where they were residing yesterday afternoon.

The "all is wonderful storyline" results in deliveries Mond/Wed, Wed., by the 19th, etc.. The alternative storyline says Freedom first or simultaneous, G.W. grabbed those packs again and warfare continues with him. Which is right, how to reconcile?? Both storylines are supported by seemingly irrefutable facts, both storys are true. How to reconcile?

After threats against G.W. and B.A. Friday from China, Banking Commission, etc., etc., the packs left Charlotte via UPS aircraft which apparently gives BE.A. the needed cover, "we sent them out as instructed, we are not carriers, what happens to them after they leave here not our business". Having located the packs at the S. CT. in D.C. Saturday, afternoon conference calls with GW resulted in his saying " I have called your G--D---bluff (to close B.A.), now what are you going to do" ? "I have everything blocked, this is MY money and I am keeping all of it".

Meanwhile peripheral trustee's continue to be told "any minute". Pay downs, downloads, "code-outs" and happy talk continues as if nothing wrong except for the undeniable fact that all dates have been missed over and over again. The judges still won't talk. The Provost phone numbers have been deleted from all Federal data base's including military data base's, the lawyers ( est. 200) appear alternately to have been bribed or living with death threats, and, overhanging everything is the speculation that GW is doing anything and everything to stall until the St. Germain trust again closes, not to reopen until Easter. How to reconcile?

One possibility is that the Freedom packs have been "decoupled" and it does not matter what GW does with them, a song sung by several European sources. Another possibility is our side has duplicate Freedom packs and could care less what GW does with his set. Another possibility is that Freedom MUST come first and by grabbing those packs again he has blocked all deliveries again, a tactic used successfully over and over again. Another possibility is that those packs will be retrieved from the SO. Court and delivered along with everything else when everything else is delivered.

The lawyers threatened to file 16 charges of TREASON against GO, CHENEY and PAULSON, to do so themselves with or without outside help, then seemed to chicken out on Saturday. The Banking Commission threatened to close B.A. and China said go ahead and close private banking as well. These activities do not indicate gamesmanship but rather serious ongoing warfare with GW and his mafia. One story has it that Paulson went looking for money in China and when they said no this was GW's reaction. Then we have the ongoing matter of WANTA/STORY and their apparent lack of satisfaction even though "our" information was that his 1.6T was paid to Treasury two Tuesday's ago and he would receive his portion when our deliveries are underway. Meanwhile we have important banking contacts saying Deutsche Bank has bought 90% of B.A. and other important banking contacts saying the deal has not closed and they don't think it will close as B.A. is in impossible shape and other important banking contacts saying our domestic funds are in the Treasury banks awaiting our arrival and other important contacts saying they have been busy making the enclosed Treasury check good (money movements) and adding a second Treasury check. How to reconcile?

We could describe in detail package movements to D.C.( when, where, how much, etc.) and quote verbatim the verbal warfare with GW. What would that accomplish ? The key question now, as we see it, is whether control of the packs now in D.C., along with the GW comments abbreviated here ( they were worse than described) precludes deliveries next week--or not. Of course all of us hope and pray the happy talk folks are correct (for the first time) and we will know by Wed., possibly as early as tomorrow.

This reporter agrees with those who say that ultimately GW cannot stop this. We have believed that and said that for many years now. This "deal" passed that mile-marker a very long time ago. The issue is whether he can continue to stall deliveries--or not. We will know by Wed..

Casper 12-16-07