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Poof Update: Dec. 9, 2007

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Anyplace Is Paradise Lyrics


:Elvis Presley

(Words & music: Joe Thomas)

Whether I'm riding down a highway

Or walking down a street

It makes no difference, baby doll

Wherever we chance to meet

Each time I hold your little hand

It makes me feel so very nice

Anyplace is paradise

When I'm with you

Whether we're standing on your doorstep

Or sitting in a park

Or strolling down a shady lane

Or dancing in the dark

Where I can take you in my arms

And look into your pretty eyes

Anyplace is paradise

When I'm with you

Give me a cave up in the mountains

Or a shack down by the sea

And I will be in heaven, honey

If you are there with me

Where I can kiss your pretty lips

See the love-light in your eyes

Anyplace is paradise

When I'm with you

Baby, I'd live deep in the jungle

And sleep up in a tree

And let the rest of the world go by

If you were there with me

Where I could love you all the time

Babe, a jungle would be fine

Anyplace is paradise

When I'm with you

Greetings and Salutations,

So a major movement begins, that ends these years of wait, and my mailbox blows up with all the reasons why it ain't so. Then to add insult to injury, the very people who planned for years, spent millions hiring imf attorneys to go out into the world to recruit countries to join the new banking system, creating a mechanism to assuage the resultant effect of a plummeting dollar, which is the natural movement of all fiat currencies, when the age 60+ mark is reached, and what,(puff puff) these self same people, responsible for the existence of the fed in the first place, therefore, also having the power to also dissolve it if they so choose, ok....these people would actually throw a monkey wrench into their own plan. (Now that was a run on sentence) So I should take my collective knowlege and just flush it down the toilet and believe the moon really is made of green cheese after all? Yes, the economy is booming, and the keystone cops, are the most efficient police force in

the world.

The focus of all these messages that come to your mailboxes you read and wonder if it's true or not, have one theme, and always have. It will be perfectly safe to access in the problem, the laws will be changed, so your money will be secured by the 'powers'. That last one, sounded like the bird, circa 2000, the only thing missing was, 'if you go to europe, they'll kill you'! Has anyone noticed that over the last few years, there are people out here trying to rewrite history, just outright trying to make you believe your own experience is incorrect. I'm glad I read 1984 when I was 9, I fully understand the spin machine being used today. "War is Peace"..."The Clean Air Act"..."No Child Left Behind". Operation New Speak...oh yea, Big Bother Loves Us....he's working Hard 'tectin' 'merica.

It's actually kind of funny, when you have studied the powers and really know how these dots connect, listening to someone lay down a picture, with a whole bunch of missing pieces, sold as the whole finished product. It's not the amount of words you can write, it how many facts are in the content. It's like getting a copy of the wh's, the fed's, or the treasury's daily talking points and believing them as fact. If you put enough fact in them, and intersperse them with complete bs, the message desired to be made public gets out, and that becomes the official factoid of the day. It doesn't matter how you counter their message because they aren't going to change it, like Paulson would say, 'well I don't see it that way'. That stops the debate right there. I like junior's, 'well history will bear me out'.

Anyhow, enough of my psychological processing here. The fact is, money is on the move every whichaway. This week marked the end of 'ghost accounts', that's when people go to their account and the computer just sits their blinking, 'yea, this is how much you got, just, as soon as, we make it liquid...spendable'. No one stopped celebrating because everything reversed itself, they were still 'partying like it was 1999' on friday night. We are in finish, conclusion, end, money in your hand, freedom, split if you want to mode, right now. This is all over the world. I know this ghost account thing has been hanging around for a long time and people have been waiting a long time. Whatever was required to end that problem, was done. They are working even as I tap tap upon these keys. There are some who've already departed for places undisclosed from earier in the week. Now the truth is, it doesn't matter how many others, your own friends, have their's and have split, it's not going

to be absolutely over and real for you, until it's sitting right in your own hands. Some, when even knowing, one their own has their's, come up with one last thing to shake them, 'was I in the data bank?' followed by more waiting.

Human nature, I expect. Every pointed head out here will get what is intended to them, the time is here to shift the wealth of the world.

Some of we 'entitled' americans need to remember, in truth, this is a gift. You had no way of your own to create something so huge to have the effect it does upon the world, I think a bit more grace would go well here, instead of looking the gift horse in the mouth and making demands, imagined entitlement doesn't deserve. We didn't carry the heavy lumber, we didn't even know what lumber needed to be carried for God's sake. After this experience, I'm changing my speaking pattern, so no one asks me dumb questions about being an american at this present time, out there in the world. I have work to do and no time for 'why' questions, or 'how could you's'.

Thank you for allowing yourselves to be a part of a bright future for this planet, starting with your own change of fortunes. Take the time and think things thru, you will be your next boss and manager. I wish to thank you for sharing the help you could, to keep the presses running here, lord knows it hasn't been easy on any of us, during this current time in history. Do remember, nothing lasts forever, change is inevitable, as surely as the mississippi rv will change it's course again. Every empire thru history has risen and it has fallen, sometimes gracefully, but the most part, not so noble. These times are no different.

Donations are appreciated and needed. account Consultations available upon request. When silence becomes the norm from this direction, know that 'elvis has left the building'.

Love and Kisses,