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Casper Update: Dec. 7, 2007

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GOOD AFTERNOON. The news is very good.
Provost Johnson has been removed from office or from having anything to do with our stuff as a result of his blockage yesterday. This was accomplished by pressure from the "countries" as was expected. Although some sources say he was given an executive order to cover his rear end and yesterday's blockage, the truth is he was cooperating with GW of his own free will, the covering paperwork was window dressing and he was "fired" by the Army chief of staff yesterday afternoon.
As previously reported the big banks (above 250B$) came into compliance Tuesday afternoon and the lesser banks, given until the 11th, are of no importance to us. They are "collateralizing" the banks right now. The champagne celebrations in Europe Wed. night were because they had been informed that Freedom had been paid that day which was false ( remember the Wld. Court order arranged by BUSH Senior and Q and Higgins back when all were bedfellows that Freedom had to come first or simultaneous). Those orders are still in effect and will result in Freedom coming first or simultaneous.
Many Federal Judges are involved in the theft of funds rat holed in the Cayman's and will be required to resign. Banking sources say eleven of them were arrested yesterday. Just as Johnson, who thought GW could provide impenetrable immunity found out otherwise, so it is with corrupt Federal Judges.
As we understand things right now, the big money movements in Europe yesterday have nothing to do with what we are waiting for right now. This is the "back side" of the deal (offshore funds) which are being made secure for domestic access also, including "freedom of movement" of funds anywhere in the world via the Basel II software.
Debt forgiveness of $300k per family (incl. mortgages,credit cards, loans) will be forthcoming.
Notice how this negates the BUSH/PAULSON "Dog and Pony" on television yesterday and demonstrates publicly their ongoing intent that there be no funding, no debt forgives and certainly no mtg debt forgiveness.
There are likely to be DATE'S involved in debt forgiveness (before so and so date).
To the extent they can get the fish to re-fi before the debt forgiveness announcements they will not have to forgive these NEW loans ( after so and so date).
The two competing storylines today have deliveries the 11th to the 15th ~ OR~  deliveries Saturday and ongoing, announcements Saturday night or this weekend, with offshore to follow next week.
We believe in this latter outcome with the initial delivery to be the two cards and one check, a "special" package prepared two weeks ago to serve as an interim and immediate delivery while awaiting the full package which was being delayed till late January but which has now been moved forward to next week. Confusing? Remember, there is this first delivery, plus F&P, plus onshore, plus offshore, plus the constant add ons' of interest as further delays were encountered.
Then there are the 104+Fed Res programs which have been placed under the IMF funding package, the original IMF programs, the countries funding, the project managers funding, don't forget the trustees funding, the peripheral programs funding(Dotson,Freedom,Wanta, etc.) There is more but you get the drift. Apples, oranges, bananas, pears, grapes, strawberries, melons and more, all in various stages of money movements and payout preparation. Yes, we get confused just like everyone else. All of it is in the PROCESS of happening.
For those of us who have tracked this everyday for 15 years it is the FIRST delivery that counts most as it kicks off all subsequent deliveries and at this point of focus we are into our pilot and driver contacts, who is riding with them today, and whether the ongoing pitter patter delv's ( Wash.State, Connecticut, Montana-most recently) signals the "big drop" or just a continuation of the "onesy twosy" delv's that have been going on for months.
As for amounts, we have folks who monitor the computer's in several different locations and would like to share that information but dare not as it is in no ones best interest to do so here.
Worry not that all those others will be paid before us as we are in direct touch with the "triggerman" (Europe) who says it ain't gonna happen, just as we are in direct touch with those who confronted Provost Johnson yesterday morning, just as we are in direct touch with those present at Ft. Knox, just as we are in direct touch with those who work with the computers, just as we are in direct touch with a variety of military and carrier contacts, just as we are in direct touch with Treasury and Fed Res sources and more Bank contacts than we can count-here and there-,, and Brussels, and Frankfurt, and Switzerland, and China, and the Wld CT., and the Wld Bank, and the IMF and a dozen others which took years of effort to develop and hold on to through thick and thin and non-disclosures and blackouts. WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING, not by a long shot, but we do know a hell-of-allot more than the pea brains who pass around 3rd hand e-mails and  think they know everything. EXAMPLE; the net is buzzing today with this and that story of BRUSSELS running the show not someone over here.       It wasn't being run over here, it was being stopped over here and over there as well.  
BRUSSELS HAD THEIR HEAD HANDED TO THEM THIS MORNING for their PARTICIPATION in the delays. That's what the tinker toy delv's were all about.
That's right, BRUSSELS was up to their eyeballs in it, have been dealt with accordingly (not allowed to say by who at this time) and deliveries rescheduled for tomorrow, SATURDAY.
Where oh where do you suppose brother STORY is at this critical moment??
The exceptionally important packages held in D.C will be leaving there this afternoon.
The Provost should not have told the "countries" to go to hell.
More bankers were arrested this week, still more were given ankle bracelets with a guarantee of arrest today if they have not done "this and that" by today.
Lets hope EVERYONE is correct: Our group which says delv's tomorrow, announcements soon after,  AND  those who say next week (for still more deliveries).
                        casper  12-07-07
p.s. late breaking news says they may very well bring the "packages"  along with the first deliveries of  2 cards plus check. etc.  ( there are FOUR packs total -not including the OFFSHORE pack/packs.)