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Casper Update #2: Dec. 6, 2007

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When you see BUSH and PAULSON on television together followed by 2 hours of Q & A lock your door and hide under the bed.

These scam artists were "selling" their sub-prime salvation package with a side helping of "ain't we great".

Listen up citizen: The "securitization documents" (MBS, CDO's, etc.) have "kick-back" clauses permitting investors to return the loan and the loss's to the originating banks which packaged them for Wall Street Investment Banks. If that happens the banks are immediately bankrupt. Under the guise of helping the consumer they are diverting the troubled loans to GSE's, FHA, etc. to avoid the kickbacks to Paulson/Bernake friends (banks) which already raped the deal and the consumer (fees). And the talking heads?? Stupid as stumps.

casper 12-06-07 2nd update