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Casper Update: Dec. 6, 2007

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This morning "the question" has been answered. Do you remember the question? Is PROVOST Rodney Johnson working for BUSH or the CONSTITUTION?

If in fact they were celebrating in Europe last night as so many were saying this morning, they are not celebrating now. The PROVOST has informed Europe this morning that he can not follow their orders to deliver by 1 p.m. today as he is under "DIRECT ORDERS FROM BUSH NOT TO DELIVER".

Previous news, from weeks ago, was that PROVOST Johnson had been put in his position by BUSH and CHENEY several years ago by moving him ahead of two more senior, more qualified and more deserving candidate's. Now we can see why. Previous blockage attributed to this lap dog was thought to have been overcome. His ORDERS from Europe were to deliver today OR ELSE. We are not privy to what OR ELSE means but whatever it is we are into it now.

BOXES, lots and lots of BOXES containing SILVER CERTIFICATES are being retrieved from DUBAI. Did you see the memo to CHENEY publicized several months ago on RMN i think it was, with CHENEYS handwritten notes in the margins proving he recieved and responded to it, stating, (i'm paraphrasing) THINGS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND. THE FAMILY WANTS THEIR BOXES?

Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to decieve.

The e-mails posted on RMN recently by WATCHER and GRANNY HERMAN regarding funds stolen by the CIA check out with these differences; our information is that massive sums of money stolen by the CIA AND AND AND the FBI FBI were "warehoused/sequestered" in the CAYMAN'S and stolen from them by BUSH and have now been taken from him and are being returned to proper ownership. RATS IN A SACK and all that.

Previous news had delv today, announcements tonight then arrest begin.

As always, stop delv,---> stop announcements,---> stop arrests.

All delays always trace to BUSH (both 41 and 43), CLINTON, CHENEY, PAULSON, CHERTOFF, and their BANKING ALLIES.

Brussel's is like a barking flea on an elephants butt.

BUSH is the elephant.

They have been saying "or else" for so long BUSH'S mafia pays no attention.

Fire in the theater and all that.

What now? We don't know. Will advise when possible.

The entire world is poised at the starting line. It is reasonable to presume that they will collectively overcome GW somehow so don't go skitzo in the interim.

casper 12-06-07