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Casper Update: Nov. 29, 2007

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Casper 11-29-07

Of course we follow Story's reporting closely, often learning things we didn't know and always hoping his news regarding arrest and so forth are accurate. We are actually a fan of his believing as we do that his prolific writing and widespread dissemination of "secret stuff" serves the greater good and, frankly, lightens our load as we do not enjoy doing these updates.

Lately however it seems that he is into some bad mushrooms or something, becoming evermore defensive on the one hand, while attacking on the other all who have info not in agreement with his.

He apparently thinks he and his principals know everything about everything ,when in fact it becomes ever more obvious with each succeeding report that there are many things he does not know.

His insistence that BoA is to be the U.S. central bank is a recent example of a ridiculous assertion which distracts from his reporting and calls into question his actual knowledge of even the most elemental aspect of things. This particular statement, which he has repeated a second time, has generated a chorus of horse laughs among our sources with great wonder how "a financial newsletter writer" could possibly fall for such a line.

Now he says Q is putting 400B$ into CITI, an equally absurd statement.

His reporting of GHWB "upstairs" was accurate albeit almost a week after the fact.

Now we have the big deal about Wanta and his paperwork with STORY apparently being bombarded with people telling him things denied by his principals.

For the record, our news is that his detractors are correct and he must be "hung out to dry" by his principals.

From four reliable sources, unrelated to those chastising Story, we have it that a 32 page document (which was most certainly not "content free") was presented Monday, Wanta's lawyers said not "NO" but "HELL NO" and negotiations have continued and are to result in agreement today, and once again, for posterity, this has nothing to do with our deliveries.

If Story is going to write a book as he says he needs to figure out who is feeding him some really bizarre information before some of this stuff gets into print.

We hear, as of Tuesday, the Deutsche Bank audit of BoA was continuing. Remember, it was at this point that several previous potential suitors took a hike saying their derivatives exposure was just to great.

Provost Johnson is still in place and yet we continue to get reports of a New Provost. On this subject we are as confused as STORY.

Those who claim Brussels is running the show and quote their daily mantra-"nothing wrong"-"no problems"-"all is on schedule"- just don't understand what's going on over here. Our multiple sources in Brussels say "Brussels can't even flush the toilets".

No, Wanta does not have ACCESS. As we have said so many times, Wanta is not going to get access until our deliveries are under way and nothing STORY says is going to change that.

Friends, don't let the stuff coming from the Wanta camp disturb you. It does not influence us one iota. We are "on go" and their increasingly bizarre reporting is of no concern to us.

casper 11-29-07