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Poof Report: Nov. 25, 2007

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POOF REPORT SUNDAY 11-25-07Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 16:07:40 -0500

Riding the Rainbow LyricsArtist(Band):Elvis Presley(Words & music by Weisman - Wise

I'm riding the rainbow, hitting the highway to happiness

Oh yes, I'm looking to find someone whose meant to be mine

I'm living to loveand loving to live

I've got a heartI'm longing to give

I'm riding the rainbow,

I'll follow that star to where you are

I'm riding the rainbow, heading for heaven and happiness

I guess somebody somewhere, someday will teach me to care

But being alone,don't bother meI'm free to have fun

It's fun to be freeI'm riding the rainbow,

I'll follow that starI'm riding the rainbow to where you are

Greetings and Salutations;

Jeeze, I'm sorry I haven't any bad news to give you, no clandestine treacherous things to report. Just the report of an ongoing locomotive making it stops and drops, in the proper places, and moving on to the next. I have to take you back in history a little to put todays actions in perspective and perhaps, it'll make things a bit easier to understand. I've already established that the ch/mk people are the last in the corral before it's all cleared out. One thing that may have been forgotten about is, who were the orginal loose cannons, the orginals who were brought in before americans, canadians, or even mexicans, came in? I take you back to the foundation itself. It is european and for the all the vast holdings of it, the bulk was in eastern europe. Consider then, that the orginal 'regular folks', would be people from those lands. People just coming out from under soviet rule, those of the original holdings, of the foundation. One would necessarily start at the middle and work outwards from the center. By the time the nice gentleman brought this opportunity to america, they had already had many people of european lands, as a part of the payout.

The europeans needed more bodies to fulfill the dissolution of the foundation and it's attending trusts. In the early days of coming to america, there were no names for this, not were there any update lines. It traveled quietly thru churches and other humanitarian organizations. It remained that way until a certain gentleman got ill and couldn't continue, that's when they had to do a search to see who could just collect names and finish up the numbers europe was after. CH got himself chosen and what most of you know, begins and ends with him and mk. By some mysterious circumstance, or perhaps dumb luck, ch comes up with the last letter of the greek alphabet as the name for what he was doing. Because, it truly was the end of something that had been around longer than this country has even existed, in modern terminolgy of a country. When people let me know, they haven't stopped delivering, it remains ongoing to the finish, and I know they were under no compunction to even say a word, like a gift, I accept it.

As my grandmother would say, 'never look the gift horse in the mouth'. Since there's been so much discussion of how many deliveries have actually got to be done to fulfill the job, I would challenge anyone who thinks they know, outside of the principals or perhaps some high ranking trustee, on the numbers they present. They don't know, and it's never been broadcasted. We can figure out what mk did or ch and bw counted up, but the whole shooting match? The parameters have to be vastly expanded before one can even make a good guess. What does it matter in the first place? The messengers out here keep making this an american centric thing, if the message I gave some time ago about the dollar being cut out of the equation of the payout in 2003, wasn't a signal, I don't know what would be. The trick is, I don't care what they are doing in dc about anything because none of it has bearing on brussels' actions, except angering someone, you really don't want angry at you, if you go sideways on something. They've given us all a big hint inside of that pack on the best way to handle things, follow it, and you're in the money without having to look over your back or wonder if they really are going to go back to the constitution. Meanwhile, I'm not holding my breath....not for 3-5 years anyhow.

What happens over here after the completion of these vast money dumps are over, lends itself to a wide array of ideologies...just know junior sits with a panic button in his pocket. He hasn't accepted responsibilities for any of his former failures, what makes anyone think he'd accept this mess as his own?...or even gracefully bow out? His buddy down in Aus didn't, he had to take a royal butt kicking before he'd acknowlege he was whipped. Oh yea and the guy who defeated him, 'promised' to bring the aussy troops home.

The war against Oceana, of 1984 fame, just doesn't wash in the world's intelligentsia. In summary, the bulk of all deliveries this past week, weren't in this country. That's not to say there weren't some. We just have bunkmates, we never think about....'cause we're 'mericans. I'm sure aunt hilda who lives on the hungarian border is one happy lady today and using the best paprika for the goulash. Most of the folks we know, overseas, are those who came in under mk, they will receive the same time we do. Try and maintain some sort of patience, I know that's a dirty word nowadays, but try anyhow. We're not forgotten about, nor throw away recipients. We really do count in the big picture.

As a public service announcement, I will be reaching you folks who are waiting for a consultation, asap. The other thing is, the person who thinks I tossed them off my list, is wrong, I did no such thing. I delete addresses which keep bouncing back at me. Keep you chin up and 'expect' they will reach you and give you your freedom papers. I can't tell you when they'll hit your door, I can only say, they are on 'target', whatever that is, that's not the sort of info that gets dropped....but they aren't letting any grass grow under their matter what isn't public info over here. I keep saying this but who cares, 'it's not for public consumption''ll never see an advertisement on bloomberg or on cnn and fox. Drop a little something in the contribution box, as you pass by, account

Good luck this week and take a few sweaters with you, the temp is dipping over yonder too. Consultations upon request.

Love and Kisses,Poofness