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Casper Update: Nov. 25, 2007

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We don't know the meaning of the orders to the Federal Judges, that's why we put it "out there" looking for help. Maybe someone knows one personally and can get an answer. Maybe someone's "source" can answer. Maybe someone overseas will be "alerted" that something's up and check it out. Maybe STORY has the answer?? It gives the appearance "they" are expecting us to be seeking out the Judges for unknown reasons after funding and that's why it smells dangerous. We are already getting "feedback" that "they" are upset this info is "out here" which indicates they are up to no good. Our guys will have read this and will, we are already hearing, look into it tomorrow.
The reference to January is a stand alone reference to the "suitcase" and other 9-11 expose' we are hearing about (including references from STORY) and is unrelated to the announcements which follow delivery.
The worldwide financial crisis has not gone away and could become much more severe and visible at any time. The new accounting rules for banks and financial institutions in play as of 11-15-07 forces them to mark assets to market and declare their toxic (basically worthless) paper as level three assets also known as SWAG (simple wild a__ guess). Their "level three" assets exceed their net capitalization in almost all circumstances. Everything appears tied together, deliveries, announcements, domestic and world banking changes, currency realignments, metals movements, bank closures and buyouts, Wanda/CITI, military involvement (provost), debt forgiveness, credit crisis/crash followed by massive liquidity injection worldwide (our funding), political meetings everywhere (Putin, Merkle, Sarkozy, 160 in NY), Junior and Senior scrambling and threatening, Clinton calling Rubin with "advice", blackouts and hushups everywhere, extremely volatile equity markets here and abroad, two million residential foreclosures on the horizon, surging metals and oil markets, etc. etc. giving the appearance that a systemic meltdown of historical proportions may be at hand.
And Brussels's has the gall to ask, "do you think we are stupid"?? Well DUH !! Why can't you make a simple delivery?? How many years do you need?
                     casper    11-25-07